Video Game Violations of Religious Ethics and Their Implications for the Church

Published: 2021-06-17 08:25:38
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While watching the Ethics video provided in our assignments this week, I observed that it shows many different impacts on ethics, and how many people can perceive ethics in different cultures and situations. I chose to use this as my writing assignment, because I feel like I can most clearly explain the different ethics in the given situation.
Within the video, the few individuals were talking about the violations of ethics while producing a specific video game. This video game was taken place within a sacred cathedral, with many violent scenes, including murdering fictional creatures. The biggest issue raised within the video was the depiction of the church in the public eye. The reverend of the cathedral was concerned that the exposure of the video game would make people not want to come to the church and would put a violent feel within the walls of the sacred area. The second largest issue was the video game producer, Sony, did not seek any permissions to use the fictional representation of the cathedral. The church was upset by this and felt necessary that permissions should be granted to use a historical, and religious space in a violent manner.When reading the slide, and more specifically watching the video, I found I was siding with both parties, but in different ways. I felt, while the church has a reputation to be sanctified and full of faith, the video game was in fact a fictional virtual reality and clearly not a representation of the church itself, rather used for entertainment purposes. The reverend stated in the video that they use the building yearly, to join families together that have suffered from losing loved ones to violent crimes. While this is more of an emotional insult to the families that associate that holy place to their experiences, I don’t think it should limit the restrictions of entertainment use on the video game developer’s behalf, because the crimes were not committed in the space. I personally understand why it would offend, but I do not think just my opinion, or the opinions of a small group should justify its use. The video game is simply make-believe, and a source of entertainment, although not my type of entertainment, many people in the world enjoy these types of games. I think both sides have a valid argument. When thinking of ethics, we think about what we feel is right, and the values we possess.
My values may be completely different than yours, or someone on the other side of the world. Different cultures, and even religions possess many different values, so their vision of ethics can be different as well. In terms of the church, their ethics disapprove the violence and misuse of the virtual depiction of their place of worship. The video game developer may have the same religious views as the church or may not. Regardless of their views, the developer is doing a job, to make money and provide entertainment for others. No one person, in my opinion, is right or wrong in this situation. I believe certain violent scenes in the game may hurt the feelings of others, but nothing is unlawful.I do consider myself a moral person, I have my own morals and I live by those, but I think the most important thing, is being able to adapt to others and being open to the ethic standpoint of others around you. I believe I can be open minded and see things from different perspectives. I may not agree fully with other opinions, or views, but I respect them and the way they choose to live within the laws of our country or their own. I believe I do have the conscious to know what is right and wrong. I also believe I have the ability to separate what is reality and what is pretend, and others may not be able to separate these so easily, this is where we may run into opposing views and opinions with this specific instance.
I am choosing to go into the business field, specifically Human Recourses. I believe ethics will be a huge area of importance within this field. Despite what company I work for in the future, each will have their own set of rules, expectations and requirements of their employees. There are clear laws within our country that will apply to all businesses. We don’t want to misuse any information on individuals or violate privacy of others. I think my career will focus less on software and computer rules, but more for personal information and privacy. I am sure there will be many different things I will have to adapt to working for different businesses, and many different situations.
In conclusion, while using the cathedral in the virtual reality video game was not an unlawful offense, it di din fact offend the community within the church. This would be considered unethical in their eyes. The producers of the game did apologize for offending other, but they did not feel it was the wrong thing because it was not real. Both sides have a good argument, as to why there was no specific consequences for the actions of Sony. Unfortunately, this seems to be a case left to opinions of two sides and will not be resolved satisfactory on both sides. This was an interesting video, and now I can look at the situation with a different outlook. I never would have thought while playing this game that the situation would be offensive to others, and I feel that something this simple has opened my eyes even more to the morals of others.

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