Window Xp - a Revolution for the Software Industry

Published: 2021-06-17 08:14:54
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Microsoft Windows is the Operating System which has been famous and been being used for ages now. In the year 1992, Microsoft introduced their Windows 3.1 NT edition, and that meant a revolution for the Software industry. Well, the OS was clean, and had a decent user Interface, which at that time was progressive for all. These are the reasons why Microsoft is one Software Giant, which it has become. And, then there was this one Product, which we used to call Windows XP. Many of us have used that OS. A Few of us, might have that even now.
Well, whatever it is, the thing is that Windows users these days have started liking the Windows XP a lot lately. For that reason, we thought of presenting some information and knowledge about the Windows XP Features. Here, on this page, you will get to read about the best Features of Windows XP. So, to know all about that, just keep reading.Top Windows XP Features with Descriptions
Well, for sure Windows XP was a big deal, and the way it performed, it sure raised Microsoft’s share and overall value to skies, and that is one way how Microsoft made it large. Well, anything can work for anyone, and XP is one example of that. But, hey was it really just anything? Windows XP still is one of the highest selling Computer Operating Systems, and what made it that huge? Even you might want to have it on your PC, right? (click here to download xp iso). All of this, for what reason? Well, Windows XP sure had some really good stats, and features. And, that is what we are here to discuss.
Advanced portable PC support:
Well, this is one feature which might look a bit old and normal to us now, but When Microsoft had launched it with the Windows XP, it had helped many people regarding assistance for the Portable PC functionality of their Laptops.
Automatic Wireless Connection Support:
This was one technology that was really cool, and now has evolved into Automatically connecting WiFi. Starting back in those days, it was the wireless LAN, and now you can notice advancements in the same.
Automatic software installation and maintenance:
Well, this new version of Microsoft Windows could handle, install, and totally take care of all the Software and OS Updates which would arrive for the System. So, yes this one also resolves problems.
Fast Start-up:
This is one feature which all of the Older versions of Microsoft OS always needed. And then Windows XP was the first one to have introduced it. Sure it was big help.
Internet connection firewall:
Well, a Firewall as you might know is the setup on an OS, which watches and safeguards your PC from Activities in your Browser, that you over the Internet. Like everything that you are Downloading, or Surfing, is kept safe, and so is your PC, from all the potential viruses and malwares.

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