Why Nutritionists Recommend Eating Small Meals More Number of Times for Weight Loss

Published: 2021-06-17 08:33:00
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There are a lot of us struggling with weight issues and do not know how to get healthier. Nutritionists recommend that eating small meals in intervals of times is good for weight loss. Usually we try to full up our plates and stomach with a lot of food and then get drowsy through the day. Doing this is totally wrong and unsatisfactory for the weight loss results. Real struggle starts when you actually have to give up on food and start to diet. Dieting is not easy and a lot of us get carried away because we are weak at it.We know the problems when it comes to weight loss, and here we are to provide you with the best solutions for the same. There are ways and methods suggested by different nutritionists on the types of meals and the intervals between them. On the other hand, there are a few nutritionists who suggest on sticking with 2-3 meals per day. But the best results are generated when you eat in instalments and try to keep the diet low. Some of us might wonder on how to lose weight when you consume more meals.
6 reasons why eating in intervals may help you lose your weight faster:
First and foremost, a small meal help you fill up your stomach for time being and gives you the liberty to eat again. By doing this our minds know that we can eat again when hungry. This will help you from over eating. Doing large meals will make you very full and hence when you think about the time difference you would automatically feel hungry. Whereas, eating in small intervals helps you know when to eat and when to avoid over eating.
Small meals are advantageous. By this we mean that you can consume fruits, fresh veggies, salads, and oats and try to keep away from junk and unwanted waste. Say for example you start with breakfast where you consume fruits and then for lunch stick to veggies for snacks and in between you can get some oats or dry fruits and stick with salads for the dinner. By doing this you can eat only healthy and keep fit and hence lose weight.
Remember; always be mindful on what you eat. There are times when we get carried away by our favourite dish. It is important to be mindful on what you consume and how much do you consume. If you have the liberty of small meal this doesn’t mean you eat junk all the time. Give yourself a certain amount of cheat days of cheat meals where you can sneak one laddu and give up on other sweets because too much sugary or salty is not good for the body.
This helps you cut down on the amount of food you consume at once. For example, if you consume 3 chapatti’s in lunch you can reduce that you 1 and ½ or 2 and consume the remaining in the snack. By cutting down on meals you can save some calories. It is good to reduce on your meals if you decide to have more number of meals a day. The saved up calories can be consumed when you have a craving or when you are hungry again.
Small meals may help you keep a track on what you eat and by thing you can stick with the amount of calories consumed per meal. It is always good to cut down on calories and eat food that is lower in calories but good with stomach filling. For example sticking to oats is a good thing as this would help your stomach get full in a bowl. This will help you to consume of fibre and protein rich. It is important to consume vitamins and proteins rich food for weight loss and to stay healthy.
Helps you plan your meal.Being mindful about eating is a good habit. A small meal helps you plan your next meal. Say for example; you can have two small breakfasts where you can stick with healthy and rich food that will help you get going for the rest of the day. You can stick to juices and fruits in between meals to avoid getting hungry or fatigue. It is important to eat right to get going throughout the day.

A lot of us get so carried away by the weight loss that we forget how important food is for health. And by doing this, you might land up in other body problems. Other than small meals it is also important to exercise to stay fit. A lot of nutritionist suggests that exercising is good if you want to lose weight. Small meals with at least 20 minutes of any bodily exercise are just a go to option for weight loss. Try doing simple exercises at home, or go for a brisk walking session, or just jog every morning to reduce on all the excessive fat and get back to fit. Some other tips and tricks on eating small meals;Eating small meals can be really challenging and one can over eat and tend to gain more weight. Here are a few tips and trick you can keep in mind:

Stick with food that satisfies your hunger and not your tongue. Food satisfying tongue is not good for the weight loss.
Keep a balanced diet. Do not switch between diets.
Follow a proper routine. This will only help you feel better and eat better.
Avoid food with high calories or any aerated drinks. These drinks contain a lot of sugary substance in them that adds up to the existing weight.
Try giving up on alcohol. A lot of us like to party but regular consumption of alcohol is not good for health. Other than this, you can also involve yourself and practice a protein control diet where you eat healthy to get healthy.

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