Why I Aspire to Be Part of a Medical Profession

Published: 2021-06-17 08:28:00
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As a naturally inquisitive person and someone who has personally witnessed the significant impact medicine has on individuals, I aspire to be part of a profession that strives to improve people’s qualities of life using their vast yet detailed knowledge about the human body. Medicine, in particular, is appealing to me as it has a perfect balance between patient contact and scientific knowledge whilst nursing and other such professions focus more on the practical side and provide aid for patients, whilst on the contrary, scientists and researchers focus more on the science behind the illness and not so much on the patients.
Through my self-arranged work experience at a local hospital in Geriatric Care, I was able to appreciate how all the different departments worked perfectly together, each excelling in their field of work. I’ve also witnessed the emotional stress doctors were going through, knowing that there was only so much they could do for some patients. It made me realize that Doctors are limited in what they could do and they might not be able to cure every patient, but they always strive to do their best in helping their patients.The Doctors possessed excellent bedside manners, listened to the needs of every patient and demonstrated exceptional decision-making skills under immense pressure. Whilst volunteer shadowing a different senior consultant at an inpatient ward, I was able to interact with a few elderly patients and, although, the experience was very enjoyable, there were a few times that I encountered prejudice because of my ethnicity but I managed to carry on the conversation and made sure the atmosphere stayed as relaxed as possible. I became aware of how Doctors must always remain professional and display good conduct towards the patients despite some patients being impolite and troublesome.
Volunteering at Oxfam and working towards the Saltire Award has helped me develop my communication and teamwork skills, both essential in medicine. I have improved my interpersonal skills and have become a responsible and trustworthy individual. Similarly, a patient must have trust in his Doctor in order to strengthen the bond between them and allow for a comfortable environment to be maintained.I also tutor younger children in Classical Arabic at my local mosque, highlighting how I can demonstrate leadership and at the same time have patience and be nurturing, all indispensable skills required as a doctor.
Participating in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award has allowed me to use my initiative and problem-solving skills to successfully lead my team and complete the expedition. Likewise, when it comes to medicine, you have to be able to cope with unfamiliar situations as medicine is an ever-changing career.
In June, I attended the Reach program for medicine. Hearing from different specialities within medicine and receiving first-hand experiences as to how life at medical school was, further increased my interest for the medical degree.
I’ve received certificates for being “Best in school” for the Senior Mathematical Challenge, a poem published in a book and was a dux pupil in S4, which all serve the purpose of demonstrating how I’ve built a strong foundation and make every effort to do well in everything I study. More recently, I have been working on the Scottish Baccalaureate, doing intensive research on the effect of languages on brain activity in certain individuals, which I believe has sharpened my skills in researching and can allow me to use them in studying the science part of medicine.
In terms of hobbies and interests, I enjoy learning east Asian languages such as Chinese and Being trilingual, a language ambassador and getting involved in the Diana Award has allowed me to use my own experiences to help others and also to promote the importance of knowing languages, especially in such a multicultural world, where speaking many languages is a very valuable asset even in hospitals. This has enabled me to be open-minded and indulge myself in interacting with a variety of people, which can be very beneficial in a career in medicine, as you come across so many different people.
A Doctor’s job is a unique mixture between understanding both the illness and the person the illness is affecting in a holistic manner and to do so with integrity, humility and knowledge. I believe that I possess the passion and diligence to successfully pursue a career in medicine.

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