Why Do I Want to Become a Nurse

Published: 2021-06-17 08:51:05
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My initial interest in caring for people derived from spending countless hours in the hospital with my grandmother as she lived her last six months fighting end-stage pancreatic cancer. From the first appointment on the oncology floor, it was evident that these nurses weren’t just there to treat a disease. They were there to treat my grandmother. They didn’t just see cancer they saw a woman, a wife, a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. Knowledge, skill, compassion, integrity, support, hugs and tears, were all shared with nurses from many disciplines.
My journey and aspiration to be for others what these beautiful humans were for me began here. Cancer is a scary battle and we were blessed to have nurses who understood this battle and were filled with tireless dedication. After my grandmother passed away I searched for a way to be involved in healthcare and found myself volunteering at Parkside Senior Living conducting activities nearly every Sunday for two years, until I was old enough to obtain my Certified Nursing Assistant license. Working in healthcare I have had the opportunity to work with people of all ages, illnesses, and abilities and saw the positive effects that nurses can have on people. It was at work that I discovered my altruism and autonomy. I possess good communication skills, empathy, interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, integrity, and never-ending diligence.I can provide reassurance to patients and their families who are feeling scared and vulnerable. There are moments when my job can be difficult and tiresome but it allows me to grow as a person and improve the care that I provide. I want a career that is challenging and constantly makes me learn. I am a creative individual, and I believe that creativity goes a long way when helping others. It assists me in communicating and building individualized care for patients. My work revolves around maintaining dignity and respect for my patients. I genuinely enjoy working directly with people and as a nurse I can do so on a daily basis. Nursing is incredibly unique and selfless. Becoming a nurse would allow me the ability to live a life doing something I am passionate about. I will bring determination, willingness to learn, and a positive spirit. I want to provide care that may not always cure but will always make a difference.

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