Two Traditional Indian Dishes: Rice Pulao & Stuffed Kulcha

Published: 2021-06-17 08:30:04
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According to the Indian culture, people like to eat the food that is good for the appetite, tastes delicious and is in the range of money for a common person.
So, the first dish that can be added in the menu is Rice Pulao. People like to eat the food to which they are habitual, nutritious and economical to a common person. So, the rice pulao is a dish that completely satisfies their needs. The rice pulao mainly consists of the boiled rice with the mixture of various vegetables like peas, carrots. Also, to make the taste good and for good preparation some boiled potatoes, chopped tomatoes are put in it. The vegetables in this are a good source of minerals, vitamins. It can be consumed by the people in the form of lunch, mid day meal or in the form of dinner. It is not fried and is free from cholesterol which help the people to remain free from heart problems. Also, it consists of rich proteins which provide energy to the human body. As this food is not fried and does not contain many spices that creates acidity in the stomach and also it is not too heavy for the stomach in body so it can be consumed by all the people whether they are children, adults or the senior citizens.The second recipe item that can be added in the menu can be the “Stuffed Kulcha” with Chana Masala. Kulcha is made from flour and it is a rich source of carbohydrate. Flour is considered an important part of food to eat for the Indian people specially in the state of Punjab where it is considered a staple food item. Moreover, the kulcha is baked and not fried. The stuffing in the kulcha can be done with cheese, vegetables, onion and all these stuffing are good source of nourishment for human body. Chana Masala consists of the Chana which is also known as gram and it is rich in iron which is essential and very important for the body. This helps in fulfilling deficiency of iron in the people. It also contains minerals and calcium which helps in the strengthening of the bones. Also, the taste of the combination of kulcha with Chana masala is very delicious.
Many youngsters in India nowadays consume this dish as the taste of this item is so good that no one can resist form eating this once in a week. Thus, I hope focusing the culture of our locality you would take and accept the requested recipes or the menu items into consideration so as to fulfill the desire of Indian people. I wish and wait for the positive response from your side.

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