Trip to My Island

Published: 2021-06-17 06:27:33
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On my trip to Hypebeast Island, I went to a number of different locations that intrigued me such as the haunted lighthouse, the mansion in which a vampire lives, and an active volcano. I started off my trip by going to the active volcano, which was surrounded by bushes and shrubs at the bottom, and had molten magma inside of it. I decided that I did not want to climb up the active volcano because I did not want to accidentally die.
After that, I went to the Cursed Reservoir, a lake in the middle of the island flowing out to the west coast. Legend has it that a strange shaped monster lurks in the deep parts of the lake, listening, waiting for the perfect time to jump out and prey on unexpecting visitors. There are also two villages on the SouthWest and SouthEast shores of the island, connected by nothing but a single track rail line. One of the villages is is fishing village, by the SouthWest shore of the island, it specializes in fishing and is equipped with a school, church, a small post office, and a haunted lighthouse. I decided to climb up the lighthouse, and found that there is not too much interesting up there except for a great view.The second village had a mansion in which a vampire lives in and an orchard where he goes to rest on a full moon. I had the opportunity to see the vampire given that it was a full moon that night, and he got out of his house. I then traveled back to the fishing village, and went to sleep to get ready for the exciting day ahead of me. I would be climbing the Mountains. I did not want to climb them the day that I came here because I was tired and jet lag had affected me a lot. After all, the island is off the coast of Sydney, Australia. Climbing the mountains was tough, it took me a fair amount of time, about 10 hours to climb 10 of the 31 mountains there are at the island. After that, I was ready to call it a day because i was exhausted from all of the work I had done today, but I remembered one last thing to do, to go to the tip of the island – the most western point on the island.
One of the main reasons that I decided to come here and not go anywhere else was that this island was made, like Hawaii, from volcanic rock, but unlike Hawaii, it was somehow made into the shape of a strawberry, and it caught my eye right away. When I decided to come here, I decided that I would not leave without standing on the tip of the island and feel the breeze of the Pacific Ocean surround me. I did what i set out to do, and returned home from a successful trip to another one of the world’s most unique locations.

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