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Published: 2021-06-17 08:20:09
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Acknowledges the epidemics caused due to drugs and the adverse effects on humans,Opposes the illicit trafficking of these drugs into other countries considering that they promote Arms trade, Corruption, Money Laundering et cetera,Considering the role of the Taliban in the Afghan Drug Trade, Reiterating previous conventions against drug trafficking, including but not restricted to the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, Appreciates the efforts made by nations in combating Drug Trafficking,Emphasizing on the understanding and cooperation required between countries in order to solve the global problem of Drug Trafficking, Noting the ill-fate of Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) facing lack of funds to establish stronger border forces and rehabilitation centers for victims,Taking into account the number of lives claimed by Opioids and other drugs, Convinced that Drug Trafficking requires instant action,Reaffirming the need for multilateral cooperation as outlined in General Assembly resolutions 55/6, 55/2, and Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) resolution 54/6;
Urges member nations to acknowledge and implement alternatives to opioids for Chronic Pains. Ibuprofen, a derivative of Propionic Acid, Acetaminophen, obtained using Acetate Anhydride, Aspirin, which is obtained from the Willow plant serve as promising alternatives. The replacement of Opioids will be a gradual process which will be implemented state wise in every country. Incase the revenues earned from the willow crops turn out less than what the farmers received by producing Poppy, a reserve amount of Poppy stored under UNODC Surveillance will be dispatched to the country. This reserve amount will be 10% of the former annual produce of Poppy of that country. The Poppy produced hence will be sent out only to the Medical Sector of the country, and records of produce will be with the UNODC. The Opioid formed will be used only to produce AT-121, a non-addictive form of Morphine and Heroin, and will be monitored by local police officials of the country. Meanwhile, all the poppy seeds in the country must be confiscated by the UNODC statewise, and willow seeds will be grown, as a substitution for the same, the UNODC will monitor the growth of willow seeds in each state. The confiscation will begin with countries with major opioid crisis, moving in descending order, according to an analysis by the UNODC, backed by the World Drug Report.Recommends the formation of a regional committee under the United Nations Commission for Narcotic Drugs, called The United Nations Off-Shore Security (UNOSS),The Committee will be focussing on the major drug trafficking routes, including but not restricted to the Balkan Route. The Committee’s mandate will include the right to arrest perpetrators of any drug trafficking monitored,It will consist of UN approved and vetted IT Officials, marine scientists and other relevant personnel. This committee must meet at least thrice a year. These meetings will take place in the UN headquarters; New York and/or Geneva
Recommends the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) To form a committee namely the United Nations Anti-Arms Trade (UNAAT) to combat arms trade in the regions of the Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent. The Anti Arms Trade should be given an allowance to confiscate arms if found enroute someplace without prior notice to the same,The UNAAT should also be permitted to utilise military personnel on consent of the country being directly affected, if the situation acceeds, in an affected region.This same committee (UNAAT) should also call upon the World Health Organisation (WHO) to provide any source of medical support if the situation acceeds, in a particular region,
Further recommends the foundation for multilateral agreements strengthening the implementation of national anti-corruption measures in drug trafficking regions, through enhanced cooperation of national law enforcement agencies, and relevant measures including but not limited to: Bolstering national anti-corruption frameworks such as the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, through the facilitation of a dialogue on the better harmonization of anti-corruption policies through self-reporting forums as a means of providing Member States with the opportunity for collaboration. Encouraging the utilization of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Drug Offences Monitoring Desk (SDOMD) to increase dialogue between Member States by sending annual reports regarding national methods combatting drug trafficking and the financing of terrorism. Strengthening the role of financial mechanisms in line with the UNODC, to enhance existing financial monitoring units to oversee suspicious transactions linked to terrorist organizations. Encourages greater cooperation of Member States on the regional level to enhance regional monitoring systems. Imploring Member States to continue to uphold Security Council resolution 2160 and Security 108 Council resolution 2161 to freeze funds allocated to terrorists organizations.

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