Three Sources of Will-power: Truthfulness, Purity, and Persistence

Published: 2021-06-17 08:27:42
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Willpower is paramount among all types of power. It’s of absolute significance. This willpower arises in the ambience of truth, purity, and perseverance. The one whose soul has these three, they flow in power.
There is a statement of a great man is that the human is full of power equivalent to thousands of elephant. But this statement is not fully true. In fact, the truth is so strong that it is unimaginable to calculate man’s enormous power. Many experienced people have experienced the goodness of the physical force and the importance of will-power. In front of the unwavering power of truth, big powers have to bow down. Only the truth is victorious. Those people who take advantage of the lie through truth are actually tapping the truth. Only through the guise of truth people find someone cheating. If they make it clear that our behavior is false then they cannot get any success in any work. Those who get some success with false behavior, that is also the victory of truth.Truth is the form of the divine. Truth is the prestige in the heart of God. The one who keeps his thoughts, actions, and beliefs true to the truth, there is so much peace and happiness in his intercession, whose comparative self-satisfaction world cannot be attained by any prosperity and success. Such people can be called a successful life. He is seen in the inner and outer real peace. Unreal in his mind, he is always fearless. There is no need to be afraid or distressed.
There is a combination of purity, selflessness, and generosity. The person who gives priority to altruism rather than despotic selfishness, whose heart is free from the venomous deodorant of narrownesses, generosity is flowing with feelings of love, compassion, affection, affinity, service, integrity, help, such a person is the god in himself. Purity is the goddess of Divinity, the person possessing this property is the richest person in the world. By wearing it, the ugly man also becomes a supernatural beauty. Purity is such a scent that makes the surroundings enriched with the heart-warming waves. The nature of goodness, restraint, goodness, honesty, simplicity, peace, humility, humility, forgiveness and happiness are symbols of purity. The importance of that Devopam man in which this property is present should be considered extraordinary.
Persistence arises on the basis of strong beliefs frozen inside the human being. Strong beliefs can only be those that are truthful. When fear comes, the thief runs away from his stolen goods, but the one who has earned the money by sweating and hard work, he gear-up to protect his hard-earned wealth. The fragrance is only in the flowers which are real, the flowers of the paper will remain only the paper.
Perseverance builds a person’s personality, gives force and speed, moves forward and takes it to the objective field, but it remains stable only when the truth is dependent on reality and good fortune. False delusional, selfish, cannot stand later on a biased basis. If the attraction of profit decreases and the danger of showing signs of persistence, such persistence become miserable at the moment, but the person who is strong in the truth, does not leave the human being at greater risk. For the country, for the sake of religion, for the duty, the betrothed and the sacrifice of all the people have filled history. Strong unity without mind and speech can be without truth, without purity.
Thus, there are three sources of Will-power: Truthfulness, purity, and perseverance. The one who achieved these three is strong even when he is weak, he is rich even when he is poor.

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