The Theme of the Importance of Healthy Relationships in Comedy Movies

Published: 2021-06-17 08:23:58
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The comedy genre has existed for as long as we can remember and has consistently released many hilarious films since the dawn of its day. Some of my personal favorites in this genre are the films 21 Jumpstreet and We’re the Millers. Both of these movies are, in my opinion, absurdly funny and always bring a smile to my face. As inappropriate as both of these movies are, once you look beyond the guns, drugs, profanity, and occasional nudity; you’ll see that there is a little hidden message that both movies are trying to convey. That message is that in life one must always realize that it’s important to be surrounded by people you trust and that care about you, and that it is even more important for them to know they can depend on you as well.
This message is clearly portrayed in 21 Jumpstreet. At the start of the film, two people who are polar opposites in every way realize that they can play off of their strengths to help achieve their common goal (which is to join the police force). This creates and unbreakable bond between them, and as they grow they end up becoming best friends. As they are sent on their first mission as undercover police officers, they’re sent to a high school where their job is to stop a drug from spreading around. However, the two start getting separate interests in the school life, and start to grow very distant from each other. As the movie reaches its climax; the two partners finally realize that they only got as far as they did by working together, and by always having each other’s backs. Then with this newfound realization they overcome the conflict and work together to “save the day.”This same message is seen in We’re the Millers. Five distant acquaintances who barely know each other end up driving an RV into Mexico, with the intention of bringing a LOT of weed back into the US to profit off of it. Throughout the various hardships that the family encounters on their trip, (such as getting bit in the balls by a spider, and swimming in a sewage dump under the impression that it’s a hot spring) they also form a deep bond of trust with each other, almost like a real family. Finally, once the group has safely returned to the US and are free of the drugs; the “family” ended up getting so close to each other that they decide to stay together and actually live life like a normal family.
The theme of the importance of healthy relationships is very subtle in both of these movies, but the plot plays out in a way that leaves the audience filled with laughter and a little bit of happiness thanks to simply how wholesome the movies turn out to be. Both of these films are actually quite similar in plot, involving drugs, guns, and a fair amount of action; but yet again, if you can manage to look past the hilariously immoral story of the films.

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