The Story so Far with Hideo Kojima

Published: 2021-06-17 08:25:41
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Celebrated talk show host Conan O’Brien dropped by Kojima Productions during his Japan trip, while Hideo Kojima tweeted snapshots featuring the talk show host’s visit to his office in Tokyo, Japan.An IGN article reported about a certain picture featuring Conan’s doodle in Kojima’s office asking if he can work in his office.Other than visiting Kojima’s office, Conan’s Japan trip involved his visit to Conan Town, which was named after the manga and anime series Detective Conan. In the other countries, the series was called Case Closed.A Death Stranding stage event, meanwhile, is set to grace Tokyo Game Show 2018.
A Console of InspirationThe Atlantic stated in one of its articles that Kojima is once an aspiring movie director, yet it was tough to film his own works back in those days. Then, he planned to pen his own novel and hoped that a director will pick it up the same way Sylvester Stallone did with his Rocky franchise.It was during those years that Family Computer, or known as the FamiCom, was released. From that point, he strated to play a number of video games that caught his attention. His penchant for video games gave him an inspiration that he can find success in the video game industry.An Escape that Fueled Metal Gear
Kojima recalled a scene from the film The Great Escape where Steve McQueen’s character tried to escape from the Nazi camp. He stated that viewers were filled with tension due to the fact that there is a possibility that he will be spotted.The scene fueled Kojima’s imagination about having a first-hand experience about it and being able to replicate it in a computer game. This inspiration ignited his creative juices to craft Metal Gear.
1987 – The Year of Metal Gear
A 24-year-old Kojima crafted the first Metal Gear game for the MSX2 console 31 years ago.
The Guardian recalled that the game saw FOXHOUND rookie operative Solid Snake infiltrate Outer Heaven to locate fellow FOXHOUND operative Gray Fox and to destroy a bipedal weapon called Metal Gear.In an effort to separate itself from its contemporaries, Metal Gear focused on employing the mechanics of the stealth genre, which was once advocated by Castle Wolfenstein.When it was ported to the NES console, players were dismayed as some of the game’s crucial events were omitted, particularly the battle against Metal Gear.Following the success of his first game, Kojima went on to create and release more sequels and spin offs in the Metal Gear franchise. The game was able to perfect the elements of the stealth game genre and went on to become of the genre’s beloved establishments.
Violent Games That Relayed Anti-War Themes
Kojima credited his parents as the catalysts behind the anti-nuclear messages found in his games. He recalled that his parents got a first-hand experience of the air raids that occured on Tokyo, and believed that he obtained a minute bit of anti-war sentiments from them.As he entered the video game industry, he sought to relay his anti-war and anti-nuclear proliferation sentiments into his games. In particular, through his Metal Gear series.
Hospitality – The Factor That Made Japanese Game Designers
Kojima believed that the spirit of Omotenashi, which was deemed as the spirit of hospitality or the desire to share something to someone, was a crucial ingredient in becoming a great game designer like himself.Enter Kojima ProductionsWikipedia stated that Kojima Productions was a video game development studio established 13 years ago. The company was initially conceived as a Konami subsidary that has under 100 employees at that time. However, the number of employees grew to over 200 people when development was commenced for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.The birth of Kojima Studios happened, following Konami’s merging of its numerous subsidiaries including his team at Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. He recalled that the merger has spared him from the rigors of business management and administrative tasks she shouldered during his tenure as KCEJ’s vice president.Becoming the head of Kojima Studios permitted Kojima to focus more on creating games.

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