The Roles and Contribution of Accountant in Computer Acquisition Process

Published: 2021-06-17 08:15:50
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Accounting is an essential part of company and hence gets high priority at the time of computer acquisition process. In this context, following are the roles of accountant:
Designing the System
Accountant possess key information related to internal business process and hence they assist in highlighting the major requirement at the time of computer acquisition process. Further, accountant support in designing the whole system in a manner through which recording of accounting entries can be done in proper manner. Also, it helps in formulating the process through which computer acquisition can be done. Through this, whole system is tailored as per the actual needs of the company.Evaluation of Process
Further, accountant helps in evaluating the process that been finalised by the committee member. Through this, loopholes can be identified and hence can be rectified in appropriate manner. Also, they play a significant role in monitoring the whole accounting process and rectifying the issue prior implementing. Moreover, suggestion regarding selection of hardware and software can be taken from accountant on the basis of product features.
Implementing the Designed System
Accountant also supports at the time of implementing the whole system. With the help of them, issues facing by non-accounting person related to system can be communicated to system designer. From this, required changes can be made and simultaneously ways to deal with new system can be shared by accountant to employees with non-accounting background.
Managing Internal Controls
Beside this, accountant also supports in managing the internal data and information. Through accountant, decisions regarding sharing of accounting information from computer acquisition can be made. This certainly assists in managing the internal information and aids in ensuring the privacy and security of key company’s data. Above discussion signifies that accountant play a crucial role at the time of computer acquisition. They assist right from designing of system to implementing the same from which issues can be rectified in proper manner
Contribution of Accountant
Besides role, following are certain contribution that been made by accountant to computer acquisition process:
Identification and Rectification of Issues

With the auditing technique, accountant can help in identifying the accounting issue within the computer/software acquisition. With this, all set of issues and loopholes can be tracked which can be rectified accordingly. This contribution lasts for longer until and unless new system is not acquired within the company. Further, accountant can share valuable thoughts upon the necessary features that must be included at the time of computer acquisition. This way, whole operational functioning of company gets improved and it certainly leads to development of error free process.
Cost Evaluation
Cost is one of the crucial aspects that need to be evaluated at the time of computer acquisition. In this context, accountant with its costing and accounting technique can contribute in suggesting most appropriate and feasible option for computer acquisition to the committee member. Further, accountant can apply their finance and capital budgeting technique for ascertaining the net present value and payback period of the acquisition process. With this, most suitable acquisition vendor can be for the mentioned system. This contribution of accountant certainly helps the companies in gaining value for money for long run.
Training and Documentation
After acquisition, it is required to develop relevant documents and training session for staff so that they can work on the new system in appropriate manner. In this respect, accountant aids in developing relevant documents which can be used for long time. Also, document for undertaking accounting on new system can be developed by accountant which will be helpful for training junior accountant and staff member in future as well. Further, accountant can conduct relevant training session for all staff members with a motive to familiarise each with the new system. Moreover, accountant can act as troubleshoot in a situation when any employees get stuck at any point of time while working on new system. Through technical and financial skills of accountant, company can effectively run the new system. From above discussion, it is evident that accountant has significant contribution within the acquisition process. Along with its accounting skills, he/she can even aids in developing relevant training material through which all set of staffs can be trained in future as well. This can save considerable amount of cost for the company in long run.

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