The Reasons I Have Chosen to Study Computer Science at University

Published: 2021-06-17 08:36:40
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I have chosen to study Computer Science at university as it will help me to fulfill my ambition of mastering the subject and to hopefully gain employment in the field. I have a keen interest in computing and I firmly believe that Computer Science will play a major role in the future as we can already see it revolutionizing several industries and the way that we live our lives.
My interest in computing started when I chose Computer Science as one of my GCSE choices. I thoroughly enjoyed the subject and decided to continue my study by taking it at A level. For the first part of my GCSE coursework I had to code a calculator by strictly using the programming language “python” which initially seemed a little daunting and confusing, but I gradually began to enjoy it so much so that I started learning it outside of school in my own time. This additional learning proved to be very beneficial as it significantly improved my performance and understanding whilst completing the task.As I progressed to A level I was given freedom over what I could create for my coursework and I chose to create a website that provides the user with live real time prices of currencies which can be used as a tool for people in the finance sector. I choose to create a website as it has always been interesting to me how you can start with a blank notepad document and produce something used by so many people. For this project I had to research and learn several new languages including ‘HTMl’ and ‘CSS’. I understood whilst doing this project just how complex and in depth the programming behind a website can be, I had to learn completely new concepts to me such as creating a style sheet so that i did not have to repeat code for each individual page, and how to create a database to store login information. While learning these I discovered that my previous knowledge from GCSE helped in making the transition to a new language much smoother and easier. I enjoyed how I was able to use knowledge from one programming language already learned to help progress in an entirely new one.
Outside of school I like to spend time learning other programming languages through reading books such as “The C++ Programming Language” or websites such as Code Academy so that I can extend my knowledge in various aspects of programming. I also have some experience in the hardware side of computers as I built a computer myself from parts instead of buying an already built one. These both saved me money and proved to be an enjoyable challenge. During the last summer holiday i started working for my local One Stop store, this has helped greatly with my communication skills and has given me a valuable sense of responsibility which I can bring with me to future careers.
Since I began studying Computer Science I discovered that I have a skill for problem solving and logical thinking, therefore studying for a degree in the subject seems like a natural progression for me as it will utilize these skills whilst also being a subject that I know I will enjoy. I am hard working and have a real enthusiasm for the subject. I enjoy the challenge of puzzles and problems and finding the solutions to them. I am always ready to learn and I enjoy working as part of a team but equally I can work as an individual. I am dedicated and focused and always willing to do my best. I believe i have the necessary qualities to become a successful university student.

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