The Problems in Canadian Healthcare Industry

Published: 2021-06-17 08:32:22
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Problem 1: Pharmacy medication errors
Problem Description: The Canadian Adverse Events Study provides the shocking statistics of medication error. The study concludes that medication is one of the most common areas for medical incidents to occur and pharmacy staffs play an important role in this issue. Approximately 1 out of 13 patients had encountered adverse events in Canadian hospitals because of medication errors and about 37% of these events are highly preventable. According to the Hospital Pharmacy in Canada 2016/2017 report, about 50% of pharmacists’ time were involved in non-patient activities. This indicated medication management issue is probably causing a significant number of medical incidents.
Problem 2: Long waiting time in Canadian emergency department
Problem Description: It always takes a long time for patients to see a doctor in Emergency department which caused many sick patients feel much worse. The article provides the statistic of emergency department waiting time in Canadian hospital. According to Canadian Institute for Health Information, 90% of patients completed the visit within 32.6 hours in 2016-2017. Elders (65 years old +) completed the visit within 36.6 hours which is even longer. The worst thing is the average waiting times are increasing every year due to the increase number of patients. If hospital Emergency departments take no action, more treatment will be delayed.Problem 3: The shortage of truck drivers (via Factiva)
Problem Description: The article shows that the shortage of truck drivers in the US transportation industry due to the acceleration of e-commerce. The CEO of YRC World said there are more loads than drivers now even though truck divers’ salary is increasing by 10-12% annually. Also, the average age of a truck driver is 49 because young people care more about lifestyle than salary. The American Trucking Association predicts there will be a shortage of 175,000 drivers by 2026 if no changes occur in the industry. As time goes on, the shortage of truck drivers will get worse according to the trend.
The article from Bloomberg provides a deep insight into truck drivers in logistic industry in American countries. Trucking companies are struggling to find truck driver in recent years since less and less people want to do this job. So, why does this problem exist? At the beginning, it was because of a change in maximum workday hours by federal rules. The government changed the maximum working hours from 14 hours per day to 11 hours per day which means companies need more drivers to complete the work. As drivers aged and the rise of e-commerce, there is a high demand in trucking industry but with low supply of drivers. In 2018, 80% of drivers are older than 35 years old and young people are usually not interested in this industry. Starting from 2015, the demand for drivers has kept increasing by 40-50% based on FTR Transportation Intelligence data on Bloomberg. Canadian Trucking Alliance took turnover numbers, demands, and number of truck drivers to create a statistic model to predict that there will be a massive shortage of 48,000 after 6 years. Trucking industry is closely related to lots of other industry such as manufacturing and retail industries because 72% of freight transportation is using trucks. If truck driver shortage keeps going, prices for certain products will rise to eliminate the shortage and everything will be less affordable. Therefore, this is a critical issue that must be solved soon, because many industries in America will be affected by the shortage of truck drivers.
Problem 4: Mental illness at workplace
Problem Description: The article describes that many people have or had experienced mental illness at workplace. Based on statistics, one in five Canadians are experiencing some degrees of mental illness every year at their workspace. The Mental Health Experience in Canada’s workplaces study collected 1,575 responses. The study concluded that about 34% of people think workplace stress caused mental illness. More specifically, depression (37%) and anxiety (32%) are the top issues. Another finding from the study is that 78% of respondents have missed work due to mental illness. Therefore, mental illness is a significant issue at workplace that would cause employee’s overall performance.

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