The Origin and Development of Churros

Published: 2021-06-17 08:29:41
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According to Tracy Lopez (2011), churros originated from China wherein they call it as “youtiao” also known as “oil fried devil,” It is a salty pastry that is deep fried and served as a breakfast. It was recreated in Spain when the Portuguese recreated this delicacy in Iberia that is located in the southwest corner of Europe; they changed the concept from salty “youtiao” to sweet churros. In Spain, churros were popular in the street sides and its stalls are called “churreria.” The churros continued to develop in different countries from plain, thin stick to knotted, curved, curled and can be stuffed with different fillings in varied flavors. It can also be paired with a cup of coffee.
According to Robert Davis (2015), the invention of pastry product relates to the process of producing churros. As the demand for churros grows, it would be good to have a technique in providing a healthier alternative churros. To obtain a healthier churros with less fat content, they have been developed baking dough rather than deep frying it. According to J&J Snack Foods (2016), churros become one of the most popular dish on a menu; the traditionally churros engage the consumers who want to try some international specialty. Churros make a high raise on the desserts menu; other chefs began to make something new on the dish and begin to spice it up. The traditional way in preparing a churros is by on rolling and deep fry churros in sugar or cinnamon and dip it in chocolate. Churros are not basically sweet; the sugar, cinnamon, and the dipped in chocolate gives them the sweetness with it. Churros are one of the things that chefs wanted very much to prepare, because it was easy and can fit any gap in the menu. Churros has come to take the spotlight and with the help and ideas of the chefs internationally and locally, churros becoming unique in demand deserts. According to Gourmet Sleuth (2013), churros are developed by the Spanish shepherds, the plain flour and water was sprinkled to the hot oil in a frying pan then fry until it become slightly golden brown and crispy. Churros is the national Spanish food even though it is a simple pastry. Cinnamon and sugar may be sprinkled to the churros and may be eaten plain, or can be dipped in a hot chocolate. Hispanic countries and other countries adapted churros and they filled it with custard or chocolate, which is a slight parting from the customary adaptation.According to Carole Kotkin, McClatchy (2007), if you go to Spain and Mexico, eating churros is a must; churros are fried sweet thin strips of dough served fresh and hot from the sweet vendors. It is rolled with sugar and cinnamon. Every calories you take in is worthy. In Latin markets churros are ready made, but cannot beat the real fresh and hot ones; it is easy to make your own churros. The classic French pastry dough can be transformed into cream puffs, and profiteroles. Here are some procedures in making churros: put all together the dough about ten minutes, then dipped it in the hot oil. Most importantly measure all the ingredients correctly to make the pastry puff perfectly. It is important do not overcook the dough because if it happen the churros become slithery and not crispy.
According to Fox News Latino (2017), enjoying churros is not only a simple snack at the street. Fresh hot churros are meant to be eaten early in the morning as breakfast, dipped into hot chocolate or served with milky coffee, while Latin Americans are enjoying the churros in the year round love affair, Spaniards and residents of southern wait for the winter to get the taste of sugar dusted fried churros and during summer months, churros can be found at festivals, carnivals, fairgrounds, and amusement parks. This may look like perfect treats after a long tiring day of gathering leaves and shoveling snow. With or without the Ferris wheel, it is perfect to make a churros to enjoy with your loved ones.

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