The Life and Success of Michael Jackson – King of Pop

Published: 2021-06-17 08:26:03
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Profile of the person
Michael Joe Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, 1958, the fifth of Joe and Katherine Jackson’s nine children. The house was always filled with music. Jackson’s mother taught the children folk and religious songs, to which they sang along. Jackson’s father, who worked at a steel plant, had always dreamed of becoming a successful musician. When this failed to happen, he decided to do whatever it took to make successes of his children. He tried to control his children’s careers even after they were adults. The struggle for the control of the musical fortunes of the Jackson family was a constant source of conflict.
Career of the person
The Jackson boys soon formed a family band that became a success at amateur shows and talent contests throughout the Midwest. From the age of five Michael’s amazing talent showed itself. His dancing and stage presence caused him to become the focus of the group. His older brother, Jackie, told Gerri Hershey in Rolling Stone, “It was sort of frightening. He was so young. I don’t know where he got it. He just knew. “PERSONALITY He was really a very nice person, a really decent man. None of what one sees, hears and reads in the media is true. He was shy when he was with someone he liked.He spoke quietly unless something annoyed or stressed him out, at which point he’d use his middle register and sound assertive. He didn’t like having to be like that. He watched his language and rarely swore. He didn’t approve of a woman swearing. His expression was “a mouth like a sewer”. He expected women to be ladies, no less. He liked cultured, educated, well-spoken women with decorum.
He didn’t tolerate women who drank, smoked or were on illegal substances. They also had to have perfect personal hygiene. He had a very sensitive sense of smell.
He had the most beautiful little face. His eyes were large, dark, warm and shiny. When he looked at the person, they’d be instantly transported to a hot, moonlit tropical beach. His natural eyelashes were long and thick. He didn’t need false ones but started wearing them in late 1991 as a fad. He didn’t always wear them. His skin was soft and smooth. He had very large hands with palms like cushions, and large, soft lips.
When he was younger, his skin was still dark. For day-to-day business, he only wore a bit of eye make-up and sometimes some lip balm. The pale appearance in photographs and film footage was from very thick stage make-up. As he got older, from around 33, he wouldn’t leave the house without stage make-up. Without it, he looked speckled from vitiligo markings and acne scars. He was very attractive all the same but didn’t want to be seen like that in the media. Parts of his body had brown patches on them which migrated and changed in size and shape.
He always had a toned body with a strong core. He hid it under baggy clothing. He was tall and had broad shoulders. He always slouched forward, which made him appear about 2 inches shorter so, if it hadn’t been for the poor posture, he’d have been about 5ft 11 3/4in to 6ft. He also suffered with osteoarthritis of a couple of the vertebrae in the lower back, so the spine was slightly twisted to the left. This too contributed to a shorter than actual stature. Prolonged standing made him tired and gave him lower abdominal pain (a reflective pain from the lower back).He started losing weight in 2003. He never managed to put any of it back on. Nobody was able to persuade him to eat. He’d occasionally ask for specific types of food but it was junk food and he wasn’t getting nutrients.
He always had a nice, clean and fresh body. He had a lovely fresh breath. The beautiful smile was real and natural. He was meticulous in personal hygiene. He wore perfume. He wore a bit more of it when he was older.
He was sensitive, proud and secretive. He was inconsistent when talking about himself to people who he felt would sell him to the media or write books about him. He’d say one thing to one person and another thing to another. This is why you will find, when reading all the trashy books that have come out, all the so called “friends” and “biographers” tend to contradict each other. I even saw a question on this forum asking why everyone seemed to say different things about Michael. That is the reason. Those who know the truth will never write books about him or sell him to the media.
When he was younger, he didn’t give a damn about the media. He started getting upset at around 33. No one was able to persuade him to ignore the press and to take it all in his stride. He was affectionate, tactile, generous and supportive. He liked to chat. He always kept in touch if he liked the person and trusted them. He kept them close. He’d send them gifts and letters when they weren’t with him. He trusted only three people. The range of topics of conversation was vast. He was interested in many subjects. It’s very rare to find a person like Michael to talk to. He read a lot. He was a fast reader, so he was able to turn around a lot of reading material.
He never discussed politics, no matter who was asking or how much they were enticing him to make a comment. He genuinely worked every day. I don’t know of any other person like that. When people talk about Michael, they refer to his immaturity and the way he spent time running around Neverland with little children as though he was their age. This is an enduring image of Michael in people’s psyche. In fact, he stopped doing that the moment he found out that he was going to be a father for the first time. He changed. So the phase which started in late 1991 served to help him get the inner child out of his system in readiness for parenthood.
Music was on all the time when he was at home. In his bedroom, it was on even at bedtime. When he was still at Neverland, there were speakers hidden under rocks around the ranch so, when he took a stroll, he’d be listening to classical music. He liked visiting friends in secret. He wouldn’t necessarily stay in hotels but in their houses. He liked getting away with things like that. He liked the sense of freedom this gave him. He loved the British countryside, the peace, tranquility and nature. His hosts, of course, had to be careful not to draw attention to him, or it would have soon spoilt all the fun.
Once he became a father, parenthood was the most important aspect of his life. Everything revolved around his children. They were wonderful children. There was never any misbehavior that would have been expected of such young children. They were marvelously dressed and groomed. Michael brushed their hair with their baby brushes. The little girl was impeccable. The youngest wanted his hair left longer. Michael chose their outfits until he could see that each one was at an age when they were ready to make their own choices. Then he allowed them to choose their own outfits.
The children stunned people with their level of conversation when they first met them. Nobody expected that of children of their ages. The secret of his success in achieving this with the children was the regular adult conversation he had with them, reading to them and engaging them in activities, which varied in content. He was imaginative with them. They would stage theatre plays, singing and dancing. They’d interview each other about various topics. They’d do puzzles and create art together. He’d train them to pay attention to detail and get them to talk about it. He bought them the types of toys which made them think. They assembled objects and would discuss it while they were doing it: what they were doing, what the aim was and how they were going about it. I think he was great. He even had books on parenting and read them all.
The eldest was a natural conversationalist and a philosopher. The little girl was reserved and observant. She would bide her time before saying something, and took a little longer to warm to someone new. Little Blanket – they called him that when daddy was still with them in the physical world – was quieter, easy-going, and such a lovely child. There was always so much peace around him. The children were happy and settled.
Education background
He started off in a public school in Gary, Indiana until he was 11 years old. His grades were above average and he especially excelled in creative class. By the time the Jackson 5 became famous they had to leave school and were tutored by a private tutor 3 hours a day between Monday to Friday. The tutor often had to travel with them. He graduated from Montclair College Preparatory School.
Although he didn’t get a proper education, he was pretty self-taught and owned more than 10,000 books in his collection, all with different subjects; history, art, philosophy, science, literature and whatnot.
The future Pop King was born in a family of Katherine Jackson (a homemaker) and Joe Jackson (a crane operator). Michaels’ father dreamed about career of a musician, but then had refused from it, when got married Michael’s mother. Katherine fell in love with Joe, when she was very young and of course she dreamed to marry him. They tied a knot in 1949 and then Katherine felt that her husband was quite a bad-natured person. Being an introvert, he spent long hours, sitting alone in his room. He was not interested in his wife at all and was even physically violent from time to time.
The couple gave a birth to 11 children, and Michael was the 8th of them. When Michael reached his stardom, he tried to avoid speaking about his parents’ family. The singer just told that his father was abusive and violent, very often he put on a mask and frightened his children, who didn’t like to clean the room etc. When Michael was a child, he was very nervous, cried a lot and felt lonely. But due to his father, who founded “Jackson 5”, Michael managed to make a great career. Pop King liked to appear in public, but he was very domestic at the same time and dreamed to become a husband and a father.
Failure expressions
Today we will have a quick journey through the life of a legend in music who thrilled the hearts of billions of people around the globe. Thirty years ago, Michael Jackson enchanted us with his moonwalk. He was born on 29th of August 1958. For 50 years we saw the perfect illusionist enchant and horrify the world in equal measure. We wonder over many of his achievements. His fans say he was one of the best musicians ever lived.
What gives us success? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it health? Is it power? The success achieved through this means are momentary. People who achieved such kind of momentary success like Michael Jackson miss an important point in their life. The faith in God. Many times people fail in their lives even in the midst of fame and wealth because they use the God given resources in their lives for their selfish ambitions without knowing the purpose why God created it. To understand this purpose we need to have faith in God.
Nothing in this world can satisfy our life unless we trust in God in everything we do. Blasé Pascal, the great Mathematician and philosopher said like this. “There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.” Today let us trust God for a successful life. Let us commit our time, treasures and talents to God so that He will help us to use in a proper way which ultimately will lead to our success. We do this by telling it to Him in prayer.

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