The Differences Between MBA and Executive MBA

Published: 2021-06-17 08:20:36
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MBA and Executive MBA are management programs recognized by multitudinous establishments enveloping the planet. Undoubtedly, umpteen number of scholars are unaware of what is the difference between MBA and executive MBA. Some of them have a misconception that pursuing an EMBA is better than an MBA. In real understandings, both of them do not hold much variance in their prestige values. The difference between MBA and executive MBA grounds in several aspects. These factors may be the span of the study, understandings required, process to enter and the degree as well. Admissions are not only based on your enthusiasm but also your present standards in the market. Befuddled on what to choose for yourself? No worries. Drive yourself through this write-up to find the difference between executive MBA and MBA.
What is the Definition of an MBA?
Master of Business Administration or MBA is a study plan which is built to inculcate business prowess in individuals. It is a 2-year course, which might extend to 3 or 4 years if done part-time in a business supervision schedule. MBA expects no prior work practice to enrol yourself in it.MBA may be done in variant subjects like Consulting, Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, etc.
What is the Definition of Executive MBA?
Now, whats an executive MBA? Executive MBA is a program that revolves around corporate executives primarily. So, that’s about the definition of executive mba but how long does it take to finish? It takes 2 years. EMBA expects its enrollees to have prior field expertise of 5 years at least. It is noticed that EMBA enrollers are around 32-38 in age and are at a higher polished level when compared to enrollees of MBA. Sessions are commonly on weekends giving it higher comfortability to continue with jobs.
MBA vs Executive MBA Comparison Table
To contrast both study plans, listed below is a quick comparison table.
Executive MBA
Course to acquaint learners with the study of business and administration.
A plan introduced considering the employed like supervisors or directors
Academic Fee
Lower expense than MBA programme
All-time yearly
Only on Fridays along with weekends
Eligibility criteria
Graduation with the achievement of minimum scores in the entrance exam
Additional to the associate’s qualification prior to professional experience as demanded by the university
Major Differences
EMBA vs MBA- what is the key difference? EMBA is more pragmatic than an MBA. The EMBA registrants can settle upon the basis of their option of associations’ prerequisite or in accordance with the proficient aims. Apart from being driven into management, enrollers enjoy the freedom to delve into other fields.
If you are someone counting on administration and commercialism, then MBA is the preferred choice. But if you are someone who is professionally exposed wanting to amplify and put his administrative potentials to a further level, EMBA is the appropriate way for you.
A MBA course will last for two-three years, whereas the latter takes two year completion time.
EMBA applicants are selected on the basis of enroller’s servicing background. Having enterprise awareness is expectable through the prior works done by them. If you are a former student in bachelors, GMAT counts are taken into account for admittance. For pursuing an MBA, GMAT results are taken into contemplation as a qualification criterion.
As introduced earlier, the choice would depend not only on your smarts but also where you stand in the corporate world. Without any hands-on experience, you won’t be fitted to register for an EMBA course. Don’t be disheartened you can surely work your hands towards the practicality primarily. Get yourself acquainted to real-life supervision. It will then be much mind-boggling to sharpen your skills further with an EMBA.
Through this above discussion, we optimistically hope that now it’s clear that what is an executive MBA vs MBA. MBA being a managerial dignification assists the budding bosses, entrepreneurs, etc. Executive MBA is a postgraduate dignification serving just like a booster to the existing great minds of the management sphere. Both of them are great as they assist you in building a bright future to accelerate the path of your growth.

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