The Components of a Functional Drink

Published: 2021-06-17 08:29:37
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The formulation of a ready to serve functional drink with a mishmash of aloe vera and fruit juice is conceded with the intent to substitute the consumption of carbonated beverages which pay for nothing but empty calories. Five different blends of extracts of aloe vera, fruit juice (Watermelon/ Pomegranate/ Kiwi/ Orange/ Cucumber), sugar, mint and ginger in fixed proportion were developed and subjected to organoleptic evaluation. The storage period of the most preferred RTS functional drink blend viz. was found to be 10 days at room temperature and 32 days under refrigeration.
The functional drink is a non- alcoholic mixture of either one or all of the following viz. fruit juices, herbs, synthetic amino acids, vitamins and minerals added in order to provide energy, to quench thirst and replenish cells and tissues by hydrating, refreshing to relieve mental fatigue, provide immunity. Even though the globalization has influenced the Indian diet pattern by heading western diet a point has set in now, where the urban elite population has started to pose more conscious on weight reduction and general well-being. This state of mind of consumers has now turned the food market towards the innovative formulations of ready to drink, ready to serve functional drinks from easily available and nutritious natural fruit or vegetable juices.Aloe Vera, has its foot in Indian, Chinese, Western and Mexican American medicine as a therapeutic agent in controlling metabolic disorders like diabetes, as detox in liver disorders, anti-inflammatory role in Gastrointestinal disorders and as a coolant in alleviating skin lesions and hydrating epithelial cells. In short, the pharmaceutical as well as the cosmetic industry will paralyze if aloevera production declines. Hence, aloe vera is the base material for the RTSF drink to be prepared.
The fruits Watermelon/ Pomegranate/ Kiwi/ Orange/ Cucumber were the choices due to the abundant availability of essential micronutrients Vitamins and Minerals, especially Vitamin C as it plays a vital role as antioxidant, thereby helps in boosting immunity, delays aging, formation and maintenance of collagen. Fruits are also sources of sodium and potassium which serve as electrolytes and bioflavonoids the nutraceuticals. The seasonal availability of the fruits is also a matter of choice.
Mint with its distinct flavor and palate eases digestion, relieves from depression and mental fatigue, averts nausea, freshens the mouth and a well-known detoxicant.
Ginger extract possess virulent anti- carcinogenic, anti-viral and anti ulcerogenic properties and is a popular spice in all Indian cuisine.

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