The Cheapest Places in the World to Fly to

Published: 2021-06-17 06:27:38
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They say that people who don’t travel only have read a page.
We always aim to be culturally diverse but we don’t really have the time to learn a new language or delve in a new culture. As we grow older, it is time that we supply the things that is enriching for the soul – travel! Most people would say traveling is only for the well off and privileged, it’s not for someone who barely grazed the minimum! That’s where we’ll prove you wrong. Traveling is for everyone! You just need to do the right budgeting, cost-cutting, and ninja hunting. Besides, if you haven’t noticed it yet, there are tons of budget airlines who can take you to places! Always be on the lookout for those cheap promo fares of your airlines. Going to websites that can compare prices of hotels and airlines are to-dos too!But where can you go with tight budget, really? If this question is on your mind, don’t worry because we made a list of the cheapest places to fly-to!
The currency is cheap as it is in peso. Most of the people understand and speak English. You will never get lost. There are more than 7000 islands to choose from. It’s almost tropical all year round so if you’re craving for skinny dipping in the sun, it’s a sure win for you. You won’t need lots of clothing. People dress comfortably (a short and shirt mostly) and you should too! Most places can be reached via land trip which can cost-cut your budget for hefty airlines.
You can never go wrong with going in Europe but it just so happens that you’re on a tight budget too. Don’t worry because some places in Europe can be really expensive but Portugal is NOT. You can get a decent hotel at over $40 a night and a beer that does not cost for more than $2. Party until you drop in Lisbon and surf in Porto. Also, most places are reachable via land too.
Most of the travel destinations featured in this are mostly in Asia. The countries are just so inexpensive it’s shocking. In India, you can get a coffee for less than $1. A decent hotel can go for $20 a day and that’s decent! India is the land of spices and food will never be an issue. It does not cost a lot too.
This country has been in the list of the must-visit countries and a huge tourist attraction because it’s cheap and beautiful. The hotels are mostly located in the beaches. Imagine waking up and hearing the sea wave while the birds chirp nearby. Nature can attack you with its beauty sometimes you’ll really thank the One for letting you wake up and experience the simple joys of life.
Ever dream of what it feels like to see monkey monks and elephants in real life? Visit Thailand. The country’s currency is Baht and it is cheap to travel there. You can play and take a bath with the elephants, have fun with the monkeys, travel with your friends in the buzzed city of Bangkok, buy souvenirs for your family and you still see your budget smiling at you.

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