The Canterbury Tales: Summary, Characters, Facts

Published: 2021-06-17 08:45:11
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What is a Pilgrimage? Do you think Pilgrimages Still take Place?
A pilgrimage is that you go to a place which is important in your believe. Like a certain church or mosque. In this story it is the Canterbury cathedral. Usually people come from far to visit this certain church, mosque etc. I think pilgrimages still do take place, take for example Muslims. Each year millions of Muslims travel to Mekka to visit this holy place. They come together in this very important place in the Islam.
5 Facts about St. Thomas Becket
St. Thomas Becket, born in London,England, on December 21,St. Thomas Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder in 1170 by King Henry II’s knights.
Thomas Becket was a trusted and close friend of King Henry II. Among other things they hunted and socialized together. Such was the trust Becket had gained that when Henry went to sort out problems in France he left Becket in charge of England. It was a custom for noble children to be fostered in other noble houses and Henry chose Becket’s household for his son Henry to live in.
After becoming archbishop, Becket stood up for the church in its disagreements with the king and this led to a long quarrel between the two. The major point of disagreement was about clerks who were accused of committing a serious crime. Becket maintained that they could be only judged by ecclesiastical hierarchy. Henry wanted the royal court to get involved as he felt that the present situation prevented him from governing effectively and undercut law and order in England. Ecclesiastical courts were limited in their punishment and didn’t allow killing anyone. Henry got his way when the Constitutions of Clarendon were passed in 1164.
Thomas Becket was born in around 1120, the son of a prosperous London merchant. He was well educated and quickly became an agent to Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury, who sent him on several missions to Rome. Becket’s talents were noticed by Henry II, who made him his chancellor and the two became close friends. When Theobald died in 1161, Henry made Becket archbishop. Becket transformed himself from a pleasure-loving courtier into a serious, simply-dressed cleric.
Knight’s Tale
The story is about Theseus who is returning home with his wife Hyppolyta and his sister Emily. When they were on their way home they saw a group of woman grieving. Their husband’s have been killed by a king. They can not see the body’s of their dead husband’s, so Theseus decides to kill the king and captures the city. He returns the body’s of the group of men to their wife’s so they can grief the right way and see their husband’s body’s. Theseus takes to knight as his prisoners; Arcita and Palamon. Through the bars of their cell they see Emily, the sister of Theseus, they both fall in love with her. Arcita gets out of the cell first but he can’t see Emily. Because of a dream he goes to Athens. Palamon gets out after a few years of prison. Palamon finds Arcita and battles him for a duel, they start fighting. Meanwhile Theseus goes hunting with his sister and wife, they find the two fighting. Palamon reveals who he is, Theseus decides that they two bring knights to fight for Emily’s love. The one that wins can have her. They fight each other and the fight lasts till the evening Palamon is tired and lays on the ground. Theseus declares Arcita as the winner. Arcita rides towards Emily and his horse throws him and he dies. Theseus tells Emily that after grief there should be love so she marries Palamon and they happily live together.
The Physician
The physician tells the story about the noble knight Virginius who has a beautiful virgin daughter Virginia. One day Virginia goes into the city with her mother, a judge sees her and really desires her. He hires a man named Claudius who accused her of steeling his female servant and passes her as her daughter. They get into a ‘lawsuit’ and the judge chooses Claudius. As a punishment the judge orders Virginia to get out of Virginius’ home and goes to the judge. Rather than going to the judge Virginius and his daughter agree that she mist be killed. Virginius cuts off Virginia’s head and gives it to the judge. The judge orders Virginius to be hanged. The men of the town throw the judge and Claudius into the jail. The physician ends with a message: ‘forsake your sins before your sins forsake you’.
The Shipman’s Tale
The shipman tells the story of a rich merchant who likes to invite his friend whose name is Sir John. The merchant invites Sir John to stay for a few days. The merchant is working in his office. While he is working Sir John takes a walk in the garden where he sees the wife of the merchant. She is complaining about her husband to Sir John and then asks him 100 francs and she will give him a kiss and the money in return. Sir John agrees to this and promise her the money. Sir John goes to the merchant and asks him to lend him 100 francs. The merchant says yes and the goes to a business trip. After he goes Sir John goes to the merchants’ wife and giver the 109 francs and in return she sleeps with him. After the merchant came back he went to visit Sir John. And Sir John tells him he gave the money to the merchants’ wife. So the merchant asks his wife about the money and she tells him that she spent it on dresses but she says she will pay it back in bed.
The Letter with Problem and Response
Dear Virginius,
I have a problem, my name is Linda and I am a young beautiful girl at least that is how the town describes me. There ones was a man I really loved he was handsome, brave and a man of honour. I really loved him and he loves me. One time we went to meet each other in the woods so no one could see us. We spent the hole day there but thinks went out of control. I lost my virginity because of him and says he don’t want to marry anymore. I don’t know what to do and I feel betrayed but most important is that I lost my virginity and don’t know what to do anymore. I know you should do it after marriage but as I said thing went out of control. I wanted to ask what should do I now?
Greetings, Linda
Dear Linda,
The thing that you have done is on of the worst thing you could have done. But I think that the first thing you should do is marry the man but since that isn’t a option you should probably make someone kill you. The one thing that you have done is disgusting and it dishonoured you. And of a man of honour there is one thing that can make a woman ugly and you have done it. Maybe you could try to make the man marry you. If you can that will solve your problem and if not there is no other option than what I told you before. I wish you good luck!
Greetings, Virginius

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