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Published: 2021-06-17 08:31:51
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Government State of the Union Address In his State of the Union Address, President Trump describes many ways that theeconomy has expanded and increased in the past year. He mentions how employment rates have risen, and unemployment rates have hit an all time low. He also mentions how wages are now increasing after “years of wage stagnation”. This is good for the economy, because we are now putting more money in the hands of the people since they have more jobs and wages are increasing. This increases their purchasing power, and so they have the ability to spend more money or invest in the economy. He also states that the stock market has gained value over the last year, meaning more people have begun investing due to the circulation of money increasing. He mentions how they have had a great amount of tax cuts recently, and this also helps the economy because, once again, it gives the people more money to spend and invest, increasing their purchasing power.
In addition to tax cuts, the government also nearly doubled the “child tax credit”, which also means the people have gained more money. He hopes that, in the future, these tax cuts will increase family income. In addition, he talks about international trade and how he expects our trading relationships to be “fair” and “reciprocal”. If we increase trade with other countries, this can help boost the economy and bring in more money and increase the supply of goods. When referring to what will come in the future, Trump mentions the National Defence. He has asked Congress to fully fund the military, and also plans on rebuilding our nuclear arsenal. Also, he mentions North Korea and how their nuclear missiles can very soon be a danger to our country. This shows that we must build up our national defense in order to protect ourselves from North Korea, in case something goes wrong and they attack our country. Trump also touches upon the topic of drug abuse, showing statistics of how many people had died in 2016 alone from an overdose. He plans on addressing this issue in the future, and states that he wants to help give treatment to those who need it. On the topic of healthcare, he states that he wants to begin using experimental treatment on those with terminal illnesses in order to “potentially save their lives”. He states that one of his greatest priorities is also to reduce the price of prescription drugs, in order to make them more accessible and affordable to those who need it.On the topic of immigration, he states that he plans to build a Great Wall on the southern border, eliminate the Visa lottery, allowing those with sufficient skills to be able to become a citizen over a 12-year period, and ending chain migration so that immigrants can only bring immediate family into the country. He believes that this will limit the amount of illegal immigrants and limit the amount of drugs being brought into the country, and decrease the crime rate. I would say that Trump has the right intentions when regarding healthcare, immigration, national defense, but I am sceptical as to whether or not his plans will work out the way he wants them to. I think that he has the right picture in mind for the future of the country, and I agree with everything he has done and is trying to do in order to boost the economy and increase the amount of money the consumers have. I also agree that national defense is important, but it worries me that he wants to build upon our nuclear arsenal. I understand that North Korea is a major threat and they have nuclear misses that they can use against us, but I feel that improving our nuclear arsenal may raise suspicious from other countries, and could possibly lead to other countries also building up their defenses. When he spoke about building a wall on the southern border, I was unsure of whether or not this was a practical idea, and wondered if there may be a better option; and what with all of these tax cuts, who is paying for the construction? Overall I have mixed opinions on Trump’s proposals, and I look forward to seeing how his ideas play out in the future.

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