Analysis of the Rhetorical Features in Literature as Engagement: Teaching African American Literature to Korean Students

Published: 2021-06-17 08:21:34
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Scholarly articles are difficult to navigate to the untrained eye. The terminology and information used can be overwhelming to students who lack an advanced level of analytical skills. Because of this, authors follow certain formats when writing articles for specific academic disciplines. This practice acts as a guide for their readers and helps authors make their writing material come together. In the scholarly article “Literature as engagement: teaching African American literature to Korean students”, author Myung Ja Kim uses rhetorical features practiced in the Humanities discipline. By using the three conventions, Structure, Language, and Reference (SLR Method), the author was able to compose her writing piece in a clear and cohesive manner. Structures differ depending on the academic discipline the author is writing in. According to the article “Introducing Students to Disciplinary Genres: The Role of the General Composition Course” provided in this course, the authors claim that “…every mode of academic writing has ways of announcing its own structure and directing attention to its main points”.
Typically, the Humanities discipline will use a thesis statement in the introduction for this reason. Kim’ thesis states that “Although many of the problems which caused the riots derived from the racial history of the United States, the media played an influential role in focusing upon and contributing toward creating and perpetuating the myth of Black-Korean conflict…”. Her thesis is used to inform her audience what the focal point of the essay will be about ahead of time. Kim continues to follow the Humanities discipline by using transitional sentences to connect each paragraph together. This is shown by Kim ending a paragraph stating “what is lacking is historical context.How can African Americans and Korean Americans work it out unless they learn about each other’s cultures, histories, and also economic situations?” and beginning the next paragraph saying, “The outcome of the riots painfully reminded us how ignorant different racial or ethnic groups are of each other’s history and culture”. When she is not closing a paragraph with a preview of what’s next to be discussed, she will alternatively wrap up a paragraph by referencing back to the thesis statement. These transitional tools help the essay flow naturally and reminds the reader what to focus on. Language is used to set the tone and elevate the writing piece. As mentioned previously, each academic discipline follows its own rules with language. The Humanities discipline practices the method of disagreement. While disagreements are inevitable and occur in all academic disciplines, the approach is what essentially sets each apart from one another.
Unlike other disciplines, Humanities approach style would be considered straightforward. Kim sets the tone of her article by showing firm disagreement towards the media’s coverage of the LA riots, accusing them of “…visual media racism” for trying to pin minorities against one another. An example of this is when Kim explained that “The fact that most of the young college students who responded to these surveys did not have much direct contact with African Americans suggests that the negative images of Koreans toward African Americans are heavily influenced by the images and representations in global media”.
Another style of language found in Humanities is the use of metaphors. Metaphors and other forms of wordplay are used in this academic discipline to enhance the story or rhetorical stance the author is trying to convey to its readers. Kim is shown using metaphors when she states, “during and after the riots, the major media and some European Americans discussed the conflicts as if they were watching a ‘dogfight’ or a ‘boxing match’”. Her use of metaphorical references elevated the feeling of chaos and violence that came from the riots. References assist the author’s stance significantly by aiding them with relative information found by other scholars. The Humanities discipline relies heavily on citation and analysis. Citations can be used by either quoting or paraphrasing a reference. An analysis typically is shown before or after a citation. This allows the author to explain the citation referenced in further detail for the audience. It also gives them an opportunity to elaborate on a topic they can contribute to using their own knowledge.
Kim uses citations and analysis when referring to previous scholar findings throughout her article. An example of this is displayed in two steps. In the first step, Kim is seen citing a direct quote in block form: If black communities are constantly framed by media text within a narrow repertoire of meaning, the viewer who does not have firsthand experiences of those communities will have no reason to challenge them since their flame of reference would not include opposing conceptions of blackness.
The second step is Kim analyzing the quote: “Through the reductive process of media, the repetition of certain images of members of a particular race is ingrained in people’s minds, and the real danger of global media is in its power to transform these images from being merely symbolic to being accepted as reality”. Kim was able to add some clarification and insight to the citation through her analysis of the quote, making the article easier to understand for her readers and more organized. Although scholarly articles are not the easiest to comprehend, students will be able to analyze the material better by breaking it down into groups. As mentioned before, the three groups that are commonly found and practiced in writing are structure, language, and reference.
By breaking Kim’s scholarly article into these categories and analyzing each individually, I was able to detect that it was written in the Humanities discipline. I was also able to point out examples of rhetorical features used in this particular discipline, like a thesis statement, metaphorical wordplay, and providing an analysis after referencing direct quotes. This aided me in figuring out what this story was about and helped me identify the writing style. The SLR Method significantly helps readers understand the concept of any writing material in a more concise way by effectively organizing the writer’s material.

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