Lessons I Got from the Novel Alchemist

Published: 2021-06-17 08:48:05
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The Novel, alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho, is about the boy dream and his success. The novel started with a boy, Santiago, who was a shepherd and had the dream of adventure. But his parents wanted to be a priest. One day he had a dream about the treasure, but he ignored it, when he saw it again then he went to, the old women, who used to interpret dreams. The old women said, “you will have to pay me one ten of treasure for interpret the dreams. ” By chance, he met the old man who told the same as the old women said, but he told to pay a few sheep. The old man said, “When you want something, the entire universe conspires to helping you to achieve it. ” Then the boy sold his sheep to go pyramid of Egypt.
Unfortunately, he was robbed on the way to his destiny. He was in truble that what to do. He passed through a crystal shop and got job in it. After one year he earned money as much as he could buy sheep and return home.However, he got a caravan which was going to Egypt. He met an English man, alchemy, who had the passion of knowledge and wanted uncover the secret of alchemy and he wanted to meet 200 year old alchemist who was living in Egypt. He got a lot of lesson from Alchemist and the Caravan. He faced many difficulties while travelling because of the war among the tribe people. On the other hand he got enjoyment that he met a beautiful girl, Fatima. They felt in love and the boy considered that the girls would be the treasure. But he moved forward and he had to prove that he had the ability to blow with the air. Even though he did not know nothing but he succeed. The boy face many difficulties his journey to search for treasure.
At the end he got success due to un-ending determination, devotion and sacrifices.
Lesson from novel:
This story teaches us the lesson of how to get our dream, faith and courage. In the journey toward our goals we would face so many difficulties like the boy faced: firstly, he was being rubbed when he had the money of his sheep. Secondly, he compromised that he had to give some parts to the old man and women as compensate of interpretation. Thirdly, he faces challenges during the war between the tribe.
Finally, when he was digging the treasure and some boys attack on him. On the other hand as the old man said, “When you want something whole universe conspire in helping you to achieve your goals. ”We can get this lesson from the some event of the novels. As the boy had a desire for adventure, he fulfills his dream in the search of treasure. The old man helped him to achieve his target. On the other hand, the caravan with he travelled also helped him as to move forward to his goals. In the same way the English man also helped, the universe conspires, to get him his treasure. However, on the way to our dream we would not only face difficulties but we get enjoyment while on the way to dream.
The boy met the girl that he did not want to leave and want to stay with her is the example of our journey enjoyment.
Weakness of Novel:
In the beginning, the novel starts with the dream of adventure of world then this dream automatically changed with the dream of treasure. So the plot of the novel could not same, this is contrast in the novel. Secondly, in the end of novel, some boys beat the shepherd without any reason. And the boys left even though the shepherd told them about the treasure.
Characters in Novel Santiago: the main character of novel, the whole novel is about the boy dream.
The old man: who told, “All the universe conspires to help for your dream. ”English man: man of inspiration who helped the boy a lot.
Fatima: the girl who the boy loved very mush.
Old women: who used to interpret dreams?

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