Rest Near Niagara Falls: the Hottest Niagara Falls Places You Must Try Right Now

Published: 2021-06-17 06:27:38
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Hotel industry is growing up day by day. In every area we can easily found various hotels according to the budget by comparing their prices and facilities provided. If we talked about the Niagara region, there are different type of luxury hotels having star and diamond rating. Here, I am going to discuss about the two famous hotels in the Niagara region- Sheraton On the Falls and Hilton.
Rest Quality Comparison
Both are 5-star hotels and well known in Ontario. But Sheraton is more famous than Hilton, there is no denying the fact that Hilton is the main brand and under it various hotels are come; Embassy Suites, Double Tree and Hilton Garden Inn are some examples of it but still it is not at the top. Sheraton was opened in 1926 by Canadian Niagara Hotel Management located within falls avenue resort in the heart of tourist district having 22 floors, whereas, Hilton opened by Hilton Hotels and Management in 1999 located at Canadian Side of Niagara Falls having 53 floors. In both hotels there are more than 600 rooms. Now if I talk about the facilities in both the hotels then business centre, spa and wellness centre, conference centre and restaurants are common, but pool and fitness centre facilities are not provided in Hilton in current time. In current time everyone looks on trip advisor before the planning of any trip, so in every hotel front desk employee ask their guests for trip advisor reviews. Because trip advisor reviews really help to promote the hotel. The management of Sheraton provide special offers to their regular customers which come every year and have some special packages for the different events which involve the meetings, reunion, wedding and other parties with discounts. On the other side, Hilton is a well-known brand and has a long time experience in this industry, and everyone is known about the facilities and hospitality provided by that hotel. But still they can advertise their brand on newspapers, magazines and on social medias by giving some special offers on the special days or festivals, which attract the major chunk of the society. In addition, they talk with customers on social media and introduce them with new offers. In Sheraton, they attract the people by their quick service and the places near that hotel attract the tourists more. There is no specific program runs in the both the hotels.Comparison Sr no. Sheraton Hilton

The best policy of this hotel is that pets are allowed without any additional fees. Pets are not allowed in Hilton.
Some rooms have special balcony for the people who smoke. Smoking is banned in the Hilton.
Mostly families prefer the Sheraton because of indoor water park. Hilton is the first preference of those who like the gambling, because it is near to the casino.
Popular for reasonable price according to the guests demands. Price of Hilton is little bit more as compare to others and take extra charges for special bookings.
In every room chocolate are provided to the guests to show the warm welcome and make them feel special. There is nothing to feel the guest extra special.
For the confirmation of the booking valid credit card is required otherwise booking is cancel after 6 pm. Hilton provide the best price guarantee, if anyone found the lowest price on any other site then they give 25% off for that stay.
Lot of parking place in Sheraton and near the casino as well and price is up to 30$. Parking price is around 50$ per night.
From this hotel guests can enjoy the view of American Falls and the first hotel build in Clifton Hill area. This is a skyscraper style building and the tallest building in Niagara from guest can enjoy the view of the Canadian Falls.


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