Reflection on Visiting the Museum of Modern Art

Published: 2021-06-17 08:12:53
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The modern art scares and attracts at the same time. There are no smart textbooks or coherent courses on this subject because everything happens here and now. The term “modern art” is blurred and is used concerning the art of the last decades and the art of the second half of the XIX century.
I decided to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in the middle of August. The museum is not so huge as the Metropolitan but it is interesting and worthwhile visiting. I have been lucky to enter the museum on Friday; it turns out that the museum provides free admission on Fridays from 16:00 to 20:00. It is convenient to start with the examination of the 5th floor. The halls are not large, the exposure is well planned and leaves a good impression.The museum has got a vibrant exhibition of works by such European impressionist artists as Cézan, Matisse, Van Gogh Gauguin, Picasso, Salvador Dali and many others. Modern sections are represented by great American authors: photos by Diane Arbus, paintings by the most famous contemporary artist Andy Warhol. Perhaps these names will encourage many people to pay for tickets (equal to dinner at an average restaurant). There are constantly lectures, shows, views, etc. If a person plans to visit the museum more than 3 times a year, it is better to purchase a membership which allows visitors to enter the museum early (for 1 hour) and due to which people will constantly receive invitations to interesting events.
Except the exhibition itself there are other interesting things. On the top floor there is a shop with MoMA brand products, and downstairs on the ground floor, there is a small supermarket selling all sorts of things, with an attractive design in the style of the museum. Moreover, between the second and third floors, purple or violet cafe works, from where you can smell delicious food and coffee. Also, on the stairs to the second floor a real helicopter is hanging.
The setting was great. Before closing, the museum was very crowded, visitors were sitting on soft sofas on the second floor as long as possible until museum staff insisted on seeing them off. What is interesting, everyone can just sit and draw at MoMA. They even have museum gallery talks on some days with the docents. In one session, she encouraged us to draw. It was a great experience.
Concerning my overall impression, I liked the courtyard and the availability of tables with phone charges. There were places to eat. What I did not like is that one cannot take a backpack. Instead, you receive a bag in which you put everything that you need. It is not very comfortable. It makes sense to visit the museum everyone interested in painting, especially modern one. A large number of first-class paintings, so that the spirit is breathtaking with delight. You see in the original paintings, which were previously seen only in illustrations.

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