Reflecting on My Life Overseas

Published: 2021-06-17 08:27:59
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I am a twenty one year old born in Korea. Since mybirth, many activities have happened around my life and the lives of those around me. The events have contributed to the kind of life I live and where I live today. I have moved from one country to another in search of quality education and satisfaction in life. From Korea, I moved to India, thenSingapore and later to Canada Vancouver, where I am residing currently. Different issues occurred to me in different places.
For example, in Korea the education system and my performance led me to India and while in India difficulties such as custom, food, and language barrier. Therefore, this paper outlines the events that havetaken place in my life, the challenges and the achievements. These events take place in different countries. When I was at age fifteen, I joined international school in India Bangalore. I studied from here for two months. Though the course was supposed to have taken one year, the hardships I encountered from here made me quit. In India, the biggest challenge was the language barrier. It was so difficult to communicate with the Indians since they did not understand English.The other challenge was the school’s customs. The customs of the international school in India made my study there impossible. They made me all homesick. I missed everyone back in Korea and all I wanted was to go back home. After I gave up my studies in India, I went to Singapore in pursuit of further studies. In Singapore, I chose to study English at an English school. The students in Singapore were so friendly. Therefore, I made many friends of such diversity in culture, faith and backgrounds. However, after seven months I went back to Korea to join high school. After I finished my high school in Korea, I travelled back to Singapore last year. The purpose this time around was to finish my English course after which I pursue a diploma in business studies. I had made a couple of friends in Singapore and the fact that these people are so warm, friendly and welcoming, Singapore gives me a sense of belonging. It feels like my second hometown. It happens that I am attached to Singapore more than I am to my friends back in Korea. After I finished my course in Singapore, I travelled to Canada to search for a job and to join a good university. Many factors made me to study abroad.
However, one of the major factorswas the poor education system in Korea. The education system in Korea was not in favor of the English course that was of my interest. The Korean society believes that the only way to be successful in life is through university. In my opinion, there was no such a good university in Korea or quality education given the fact that I was the top performing student in our class. Asteenager, I was so pessimistic about my life and future in Korea. I never saw anything good for me in Korea and my desire was to go abroad for higher education. Through the events of moving from one country to another and from one school to another I have learnt a lot. Despite the fact that it was costly, it gave me important lessons of life. I thought life would be better abroad but that was a wrong perception. The reason being I had not put into consideration factors such as language barrier, different cultures, and customs among others. Though many things have happened to me atan early age am not scared of studying and living overseas as currently am in Canada. I am doing quite well and have many friends.

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