Punishment for the Rapist in India

Published: 2021-06-17 08:35:17
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Rape is a physical act of violence which involves forceful intercourse without the other person’s will. Sex also involves intercourse but it is different from the rape, as in rape there is a involvement of the outer force, violence and the most important that it is done without the other person’s will or in such a vulnerable conditions where there is no other option left by the victim like threating the victim’s life or likely to cause harm to her or to her family and when there is a involvement of more than one man then it is considers as gang rape.
Women are suffering from this crime from a long period of time; the sad and most shocking part is that it does not only happen to the girls or women. Men have become such a beast that there is even a rape case of 11 months old baby girl and also a case of 60 year old women in her house. It is mostly done by the acquaintances. Society blames women for being a victim of rape by not dressing appropriately or by going out in night, if it is so then what is the fault of that 11 year old baby? Does she also dressed inappropriately or does it is the fault of 60 year lady? It is just a gross mentality of the men which make them a rapist. Government of India have made some punishment for the rapist they will either get imprisonment for not less than 7 year which can extend to life time imprisonment or fine. If a person commits rape of girl less than 12 year there is a death penalty for him. Stalking the accompanying of a man about or the watching or frequenting of the region of, or a way to deal with a man’s place of home, business or work or wherever that a man frequents for the motivations behind any social or relaxation movement’. Stalking includes a steady course of direct or activities by a man which are proposed to keep up contact with or practice power and authority over someone else.
These activities cause trouble, loss of control, dread or badgering to someone else and happen more than once. Stalking can include dangers or sexual allusion and the stalker by and large endeavors to threaten or instigate fear in the individual they are stalking. The individual being stalked may just acknowledge they are being stalked once they distinguish an example of abnormal or suspicious episodes happening, for example, telephone calls instant messages messages left via web-based networking media locales, for example, Facebook and Twitter and so on. notes left on the their auto peculiar or undesirable blessings left at their home a mindfulness that they are being taken after being persistently gazed at or motioned to by someone else. The individual being stalked can regularly build up a feeling of loss of power over their lives and can be constrained into changing their daily practice and practices.

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