People’s Attitude Towards Traveling. Which Variables Are Responsible for Travel Liking?

Published: 2021-06-17 08:40:51
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In everyday, people do travel for various purpose. People commute from home to different places. But the question is: do they like travel, if so then under which circumstances? Do they like travel because of travel mode? Which activity do they like while travelling? This work will help us better understand some of the attitudes that underlie the travel that is done and the motivation for increasing and decreasing that travel. (Curry, 2000).
There could be some reasons to dislike traveling, but some people like traveling. A recent study in the United States also found that the proportion of workers who liked commuting was relatively high, or at least higher than the researchers had expected (Turcotte, n.d). Minimizing travel time or reducing trip number is a tendency but what if you really enjoy feeling the power of a vehicle engine thrust you into motion on the open road? (Curry, 2000). What will you do in this case? Decrease travel time or trip? There’re several reasons why travel might have a positive utility: adventure seeking, variety seeking, independence, exposure to the environment, synergy, scenery and other amenities etc. (Ory, 2005). The travel liking dependent variables were drawn from the survey via the question: What transportation mode did you use for this commute trip? How satisfied are you with your typical commute? Respondents then rated their likings on five categories from very dissatisfied to very satisfied. (Ory, 2005).Portland Commuting Survey data has been used in this study. More than 700 commuters in the Portland, Oregon area participated in this survey and 30 minutes’ online questionnaire conducted from October to December 2016. Respondents provided detailed information about their personal and transportation characteristics, including answering questions about their chosen mode, how much they liked their commute, and how much their found their commute to be a good use of time. This study will analyze, responses with the travel liking variables and at the same time people’s attitude towards traveling. Are they satisfied? If so, then which factors are responsible for satisfaction. By using linear regression method, we can find the relationship between travel liking and other variables. This study addresses that the reason why people’s attitude is different for travel liking and why it is important for determining Travel Liking. From this investigation we can find under some specific circumstances travel is tremendously enjoyable.

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