Overview of Car Accident Risk Factors Related to Human, Vehicle and Environment

Published: 2021-06-17 08:28:29
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Driving whilst tired is best described as dangerous. This is because so many things can go wrong. When you are tired your brain is not running as well as it can do which leads you open to make mistakes you wouldn’t normally make. You have lowered alertness, delayed reactions and impaired vision, because of all these you also have a lower reaction time. Driving whilst tired could have contributed to the accident, as if one of the drivers was tired, they could have swerved and hit one of the other cars due to his impaired vision or just generally falling asleep at the wheel. Due to the crash being at night too, there is a high chance that is a main contribution to the accident and could be the main culprit. You also have a lowered alertness, which allows you to miss things you would have normally seen.
Driving at an excessive speed
Driving at an excessive speed can be best described as reckless behaviour. When you are driving too fast you can lose control of the wheel which can lead to a crash causing harm to not just you but others around you. Even if you feel you are control when driving fast, it only takes one split second for you to not be. For example, if your tyre bust or a dog comes running into the road. Driving at an excessive speed could have contributed to the accident because you are not as in control as you think you are. One of the drivers could have been speeding trying to get home, as it was late, and they’d had a long day and if this was the case there is a fair chance they lost control of the wheel and potentially hit another car causing the pile up. Also, if one of the drivers was driving too fast, he could have braked too hard to prevent crashing into another car causing a car behind them to crash into them.Alcohol
Driving whilst intoxicated with drugs or alcohol is best described as not having any control over your actions and just plain stupid. When driving intoxicated you have delayed reactions, impaired vison, along with delusional behaviour and a lack of inhibition. All which together, do not add up well together. Driving whilst intoxicated could have contributed to the accident, the way this could have contributed would be that when you are driving drunk it can lead to do things that aren’t possible. This is because you have a lack of inhibition. Which means that you believe you can do things, that you can’t. This could have caused a problem because it could have led to one of the drivers doing something they should and potentially deadly, putting themselves and the other cars at risk.
Driving whilst stressed is best described as having lack of control. When you are stressed, it can result in you not thinking properly and making silly mistakes you wouldn’t normally make. Even though these mistakes are small, when driving the smallest mistake can cost lives. You have a lowered alertness and lack of co-ordination when you are stressed. All which prevent you from focusing on driving. Driving stressed cause have contributed to the accident because they were distracted by what problems were causing one of the drivers were stressed and not paying attention to the road which could have caused the crash, as they could have drove into someone or someone could have drove into them if they weren’t driving properly. A lowered alertness is also a huge problem here, as it can lead to you not realising what is going on until it is too late and crashing into someone.
Lack of experience/underage driving
Driving with little or no experience can be best described as just not really having an idea what you are doing. It can lead to panic and stress due to the lack of understanding which are not good traits to have whilst driving. This could have been an issue in the accident mentioned because one of the drivers could have been driving with lack of experience or been underaged. Which as mentioned in the description of this factor, leads to lack of understanding. If one of the drivers did not know how to drive properly this could have caused them to be a main cause for the crash.
Defective indicators
Defective indictors can be best described as when your indicator either works and then stops before it should do or just doesn’t work at all. This can cause confusion for other drivers as they don’t know what you are doing or which way you could be going. Driving underage or with lack of experience, could have contributed as they could have got confused when driving and caused the crash through many different things that could have gone wrong. This includes things such as: not having the correct lights on, not indicating, driving too slow or too fast, not knowing which lanes to properly use on the motorway. This could have also caused the driver stress and anxiety which could have led them to crash.
Tinted windows
Tinted windows are legally allowed if at least 70% of light can get in and, on the windscreen, as long as it is only the first 4 inches. If you go beyond these restrictions it is illegal and causes problems for you when driving. Such as not be able to see properly when driving, causing your sight to be blocked. This could have contributed to the accident because if you can’t see it becomes impossible to be able to drive the car without guarantee you wont crash. If one of the drivers, had more tint on their car that they should have, with it being dark because it was at night, they could have struggled to see the other cars, moved into another lane, causing a crash which led other cars to hit and cause the pile up.
Defective brakes
Defective brakes are best described as when your brakes don’t work as they should do. Such as them not working as soon as you press the brake pedal. For an MOT clearance, they need to be free from leaks and the vehicle should not pull either way or have any sort of irregular movement This could have been a contribution to the accident, this is because if one of the drivers, had brakes that were faulty if one of the cars in front had to come to stop quite sharply and the other drivers brakes did not work in the same way, the car could have gone into the back of another which could have caused the pile up. This could have been a main contribution because it can quite easily happen, that whilst they were driving there becomes an issue where they would need to emergency brake.
Defective lights
Defective lights are best described as lights that don’t work as they should. Such as not being as bright as they should be or not working in general. It is a MOT requirement for all of your lights to be working, such as your low beam and high beams, side lights, brake lights, fog lights, hazard warning lights and indicators. This could have contributed to the accident because it was dark and if one of the driver’s car lights weren’t working, it could have made it difficult to see them. They could have either gone into the back of them or changed lanes and crashed into them.
Icy weather conditions
Potentially black ice Ivy weather conditions are best described as when you are driving along a road and it happens to be icy, it can cause your wheels to the lose the friction. This causes your car to slip on the road. This could have contributed to the accident because it was mentioned in the crash information, that it was icy that day. One of the cars could have slipped on the icy road, causing them to swerve and crash into another car. This is most likely a main reason for the crash.
Potholes are best described as parts of the road that have been worn away over time. The tarmac used to make the roads, cracks away leaving holes, which when driving can cause real problems. It can be quite easy to pop a tyre or for the pothole to cause your car to swerve uncontrollably due to the uneven road. Potholes could have prevented to this accident because one of the drivers may have drove over one, causing their car to swerve into one of the other cars. The potholes can cause, you to lose complete control of your car and this could be a main problem in the accident. Potholes are very common and due to it being on a motorway fixing roads can be an issue.
Surface water
Surface water is best described as when it has been raining and a layer of water stays on top of the ground. This can cause many problems, such as sun glare of the water or reflections from the water. Surface water could have contributed to the accident because due to it being icy, someone of it could have melted leaving a slight pool of water in some places. With all the cars driving up and down, with them also having their lights on because it was dark, this could have caused some of the lights to reflect off the water. This could have caused a light glare that was seen by one of the drivers and it could have caused blind spots or disorientated them causing them to serve or just hit another car which could have caused the pile up.

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