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Published: 2021-06-17 08:28:18
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When I Was a Teenager
Freshman year changes people. The experiences in high school are what defines a person between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. There aren’t many social experiences away from parents for teens to grow by themselves. Before Connexus I was enrolled in a public highschool. I quite enjoyed it and I’m going back soon. I liked the freedom and the opportunity to reinvent myself from middle school.
It’s Hard Without Motivation
My friends are older, so I already knew how not to be the typical freshman, students even mistook me for an upperclassmen. But I was definitely a different person in middle school compared to me now. High School has taught me how to deal with people. Everybody is different and they expect different things. Some do sports, or the valedictorians, but don’t forget there are always bad apples in every basket. The best thing to do is just stick to yourself, the people I met were people I approached confidently because I knew what type of person I was talking to before I met them through social media. Social media definitely hurts or helps, I can see who is trying tohangout soon, or entertain myself when I don’t have anything better to do. Downside to social media is seeing everything you’re missing out on, or unnecessary drama, and bullying. Social media has improved my social intellect, taught me how to deal with haters, and kept me entertained. Another important value in highschool is determination. Rocky says strength is not determined by muscles, but how you take a punch and get back up. Motivation for assignments and studying is crucial for building work ethic. This same work ethic being used in highschool will be used in real life, not so much writing essays and homework. But the social element of highschool often clashes with studies. Staying motivated and focused is definitely a struggle but constant work and determination is the only way to pass and the way Rocky beats opponents twenty times as strong.
In Conclusion
The last lesson I have learned in highschool is that keeping yourself happy and healthy is the most important part of life. I can make myself happy, nobody else. No
matter the amount of straight A’s on my report card, if I’m getting fed, having fun and trying my best to improve myself on a daily basis, my life can improve for the better. Despite the weird hormones and constantly changing environment, highschool has been pretty alright. I have learned self restraint, how to find the right friends, who I want to be, etcetera. High school has taught me a handful of skills with books and homework, high school is also an opportunity to start figuring yourself out. It’s about teaching kids to want to become better people, and start their professional lives. Tests and quizzes are forgotten weeks later, but the pain and love I have experienced will never be forgotten.

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