One Big Detail Need for Electric Vehicles Support

Published: 2021-06-17 06:32:06
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As it was said, CO2 emission is getting a bigger problem every day and we need to do something about it. And we are. Electric/hybrid vehicles is part of the solution to this global problem. However, one big detail is needed for this system to work and that the support of countries would not go to waste. That is infrastructure. In this paragraph we will check what level of support some countries provide and what economic benefit an investment in such a thing can have from business perspective. It’s not a secret that one of the details why the EV market doesn’t grow so fast or does not develop in some regions is lack of infrastructure. In other words – charging stations. This has to go hand in hand and while some countries are not doing much about it, others are striving for excellence.
Up to 2013, around 20.000 wired charging stations were installed in Europe. The number today is around 150.000. France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and UK are leading countries with the biggest investments in the infrastructure. And the numbers do show that. Today France has ~24.000, Germany ~25.000, Netherlands ~35.000, Norway ~11.000 and UK ~18.000 charging stations what combined is around 75% of all Europe’s infrastructural units.Let’s talk a bit more about business and economics. For sure, there are some positive economic benefits from this kind of investment. Firstly, there are plans of governments to tax companies which provides transport for their workers and that transport is not “green”. Secondly, while more and more people are driving EV, it is rational to put a charging station for the clients and see how the business grows from the extra customers. What is more, if a brand is related to environmental awareness and/or sustainability (what nowadays is very popular), lack of charging points can be seen as a lack of practical application. Charging station can always be used for an advertisement. The reason why we are talking about the private business sector at all is because public one cannot afford this development alone. Cost of this hardware is quite high – starting with few thousands and expanding exponentially. In general, installing more and more charging stations and developing the infrastructure lets more workplaces to be created. In addition, business, who is adaptive to his system, can exploit and make profits while paying taxes and creating other positive externalities to the market.
As we see it – infrastructure is a crucial part of this whole system. For sure, this system won’t work if some actions and decisions won’t be taken and what’s the best of it – it can be beneficial and profitable.

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