My Pursuit of a Master’s in Social Work

Published: 2021-06-17 08:38:57
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Good people sometimes make poor decisions, was a cliché in my household growing up. My mother and other family members would always say this whenever conversation spurred regarding my father. He was a good person, who made very poor decisions. My father’s poor decisions were a catalyst for his imprisonment, my trauma and my mother’s bruises. As a child I could not fathom how a “good person’s” poor decisions could cause so much turmoil in the lives of others.
Bearing witness to both my mother’s abuse and my parent’s divorce had an adverse effect on not only my emotional and psychological well-being but my family’s socioeconomic status as well. We went from being a middle-class two parent household to a poverty-stricken single parent household. My tumultuous childhood experiences helped garner a passion within me to help children who are deprived and facing adversity in an area of their life, so they can succeed as they matriculate into the realm of academia and adulthood. I have chosen to pursue a Master’s in Social Work because my passion lies in helping disadvantaged children break free of their burdens, so they will not follow the cycle of good people who make poor decisions. In fact, I have worked as a nanny for five years where I work with children in underserved communities, some with special needs, increase their social, emotional and literacy skills. As a nanny I have provided basic care, tutoring and assisted the children in recognizing their potential by helping them to maintain self-confidence and independence. My commitment and readiness to promote change in the lives of others is further emphasized through my social work-related internship with AmeriCorps where I worked provide additional assistance to children facing adversity from low-income neighborhoods by implementing programs which helped with their social, emotional and self-development.
My internship gave me the opportunity to cultivate my communication skills, so I could build relationships with both the children and adults from culturally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In doing so, I was able to implement effective literacy and educational programs to improve the literacy of approximately 97.5% of the 1,018 children I worked with. My service as an AmeriCorps member gave me a better understanding of social problems and the adverse effects they can have on the lives of children and the surrounding community.
My adverse childhood experiences, service as a nanny and an AmeriCorps member has enhanced my passion to promote change in the lives of children. I know my strengths are that I possess the flexibility to handle change, passion and determination. These strengths are not only emphasized through my work as a nanny and AmeriCorps member, but also through my leadership engagements in school. In that I was appointed as both Vice President of a cultural organization and Recruitment Chair of a graduate student organization, all while maintaining a part time job and a 3.6 GPA. My leadership engagements, experience and academic standing all demonstrate my readiness to develop the skills necessary to succeed in my academic and professional career.
A notable weakness would be that I am a perfectionist which results in me being overly critical of myself. I have learned to celebrate my achievements and find a balance between perfection and quality work as to prevent burnout and stress. Although these weaknesses will not hinder me in my pursuit of a graduate degree, being cognizant and finding ways to improve myself is something I am constantly working on.

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