My Motivation to Study Business Management and Economics

Published: 2021-06-17 08:20:49
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My name is Lavena Sara Jacob, and I have been born and brought up in Kuwait, though I am actually from Kerela a place known as “God’s own country” which is a state in India. My lovely family consists of 5 people including myself. My father whose name is Jacob Zachariah works in Path Solution as the Executive Vice president. My mother Shybi Jacob is a homemaker, my older sister Mariam Jacob is studying at the American University of Sharjah for architecture, my grandmother Aleyamma Zachariah and last but not least myself. My early education was at Carmel School Kuwait, and after grade 2 I transferred to New English School (NES) where I studied till grade 9. Unfortunately, my grandmother had an accident, and my family had to shift to Kerela immediately. Thus I carried on my year 10 and 11 in Global Public School. By God’s grace, my grandmother recovered quickly, and we came back to Kuwait. Thus I did my final year at high school in New English School Kuwait and graduated from there after year 12.
Over the course of eighteen years, I have participated in many programs like musical concerts, drama productions, art competitions, extempore speeches and many more. During my time at NES, I was able to learn how to play the flute which in later years became one of my keen interests, along with listening to music. Personally, Music is medicine to my mind, its a piece of art that goes into your ears and straight into your heart. My biggest passion is baking, and my specialty is “Red velvet cake.” This is the main reason Ijoined business management; as this is will further support my ultimate goal in life which is to start up my own pastry business. I have been able to pursue this dream by organizing many fundraisers, bake and book sales. And using the money collected to help the less fortunate and needy people.When I was in schoolI had the opportunity to participate in the Injaz company programme in which we had to construct our own business for which I was the COO. This was truly a life-changing experience. It enhanced qualities within me which I myself wasn’t aware of. More than that I was able to work with a large community and organize the company in a cohesive manner. I believe this experience will help me contribute to the AUKcommunity as a whole.In addition, I have served my school by being in several leadership positions over the course of the year, such as being the prefect, house captain and more.
Ever since I started learning Economics and Business it has always been my favorite subjects as they give me insight on how the economy works and helps me related to them. This is one of the main reasons why I want to take a degree in these subjects. The method that I find the most convenient in is studying by taking notes. I try to take notes during class and complete it later at home by referring to my Textbook. Though it can be a bit tedious procedure, it becomes easier in the long run towards the days of my exams. Whereas, when I have to write essays I try to adopt the habit of making lists or cluster diagrams which help as a check back system when I write. Personally, I have felt that listening to white noise while I study has helped me intensify my learning process. As a student in the class, I try to stay as concentrated as possible because I believe if you pay attention during the lesson, it is half the work done. I like to be interactive and responsive to my professor as I tend to be more observant that way.
As I am pretty restless, I can’t sit still for hours and study. As a result, I try to focus as much as I can in that one hour I sit to study. However, my outcome heavily depends on how keen I was during my study session, the amount of interest I have in the subject and if I was distracted or not. I try to go to with the regular habit of learning what I study at school that day itself and not leaving it to the last minute. Though sometimes I haven’t been quite progressive going with this scheme. I tend to have very high goals and expectations in life as I a firm conviction that if you dream big, its the first step to success. I try to achieve my goals most of the time, although I have not been able to accomplish them all the time. I try to go with the words of former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam “You have to dream before your dreams come true.” Some may say that family is not important but to me my family is everything. That’s when I knew that AUK would be the perfect place to apply to as this gives me the opportunity to spend valuable time with my family, as well as concentrate on my career. I would like to finish my double major in Business Management and Economics at AUK within four years and pass out with a high GPA. Alongside with that make sure that I maximize my time here by being part of various events and giving back my contribution to the University community. Like I mentioned before my ultimate goal in life is to start my own pastry business. However before I go into that field, I would like to complete my master degree and Ph.D., I consider that success is not a big step in the future, rather a small step taken right now. For abuilding to stay impenetrable, it needs to have a strong core foundation. Likewise, my initial foundation for the success of my career starts here at AUK. AUK gives a great amount of exposure to their students because knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.This future restates my personal motto that, “I hear I forget, I see I remember and I do I understand.

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