My Goals in the Medical Career

Published: 2021-06-17 08:34:25
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Malpractice, the no-man’s land of medicine and a word I’ve known and experienced all too well, has molded and shaped my passion for medicine and the sciences, into one with a definite striving goal. Even before I was born, my family experienced their first encounter with a doctor responsible for a misdiagnosis. Ever since I was old enough to understand the impact this had on our family, I felt an intuition to take this wrong and turn it into hundred more rights.
Volunteering for the Essilor Vision Foundation, whose main goal is to prevent adverse effects of uncorrected vision, has taught me the significance of how short-term prevention benefits in the long-term. I am also the Vice President of my school’s ‘Operation Smile Thailand’ committee, whose primary goal is to correct cleft lip in children in rural areas of Thailand. We focused on raising funds for maxillofacial surgeries that are given to these unprivileged children for free. This has given me a mindful insight into the financial aspects of healthcare, but more importantly, how many people aren’t able to afford healthcare expenses. As an aspiring doctor, I believe that it is essential to place oneself in the role of the patient. To gain a clinical perspective of what practical healthcare is like, I decided to shadow my pediatrician. Having been his patient in the past, I realized how different doctors are in the eyes of patients, and vice-versa. My pursuits to gain an understanding of medicine is what has led me to believe that this is indeed the right career for me.From a young age, the sciences have always appealed to me, especially biology, and more particularly, my avid interest for human anatomy. My curiosity in this area has led me to the wonderful book ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ by Henry Gray. The detailed illustrations and explanations in this book pique my interests and provides an in-depth explanation of how the human body works. Although the information in the book is slightly out-dated, this has only led me to read up more on these topics. ‘Reading the World’ is a subject I enjoy, looking at areas of philosophy and ethics involved in current affairs and controversial topics.
My keenness for learning stems from my hobby for learning languages. Learning Japanese for the last two years, obtaining a certification in A1 level French and achieving the FOBISIA Gold award in French for two years in a row, has opened doorways for me, in terms of how to be more extroverted and understanding of people different from me.
My other hobbies include sport, namely football. I have taken part in inter-school tournaments, one of which my team and I placed third in. I enjoy playing badminton to relieve stress as well as running to build stamina. Playing guitar for the past seven years has allowed me to reach a respectable degree of performance, which I have executed at many gatherings and recitals. I do art in my spare time, oil painting and sketching being my medium of preference. Medicine, being an ever-evolving career, is packaged with its high demands. As I am committed to being a part of the healthcare system of the future, I plan to pursue my education wholeheartedly by doing an MD, and consequently becoming an expert in my field. The United Kingdom is home to many of the world’s oldest medical schools and has set the standard for medicine with its persevering research, shaping modern medicine into what it is today. The doctors I admire have always had an innate ability to constantly adapt to new research and challenge what they have always known as “the facts”. As the norms of medical practice are constantly being challenged by new research, I find that committing and dedicating oneself to innovation is a life-long skill to be honed.

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