Mozo - a Benefitting Project for Offline Shops, Retailers and the Product Consumers

Published: 2021-06-17 08:18:12
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Before e-commerce came on board, shopping was done through the visiting of the old offline stores that was usually controlled or managed by the shop owners. Different stores had their own ways of attracting their customers in this style of buying and selling. However, the more established offline stores adopts the system of advertising their products to the public, and this approach seems profitable for them. This method of creating the awareness of their various items made them have more customer traffic better than the smaller stores with insufficient funds to do likewise. Due to this, many offline store owners are discouraged and dismayed since they don’t own enough fund to sponsor discounts for their customers and cannot run the advert scheme for their stores. Now there is a straightforward solution to this problem, and this solution is brought by MOZOCOIN.
This project stands as a retailing network, that seeks to ease the buying and selling activities between customers and many offline stores, thus making both of them the beneficiaries of the entire retailing process. Even as the e-commerce sector is in motion, this project hopes to create the balance between both offline and online shopping, without any of them interfering with the other. Mozo plans to make it easy for offline owners to reach out and attract their customers without huge funds at hand and it helps them to reward their attracted clients so as to gain their interest and good will. This ecosystem will allow many retailers to find the right market for their items and to conduct effective online promotions to increase client’s patronage and increase their sales. This kind of promotion will surely get many clients attracted to the stores in that customers will be drawn from the shopping area and the places where the promotions are being held.Project’s mode of operation
This project ties all its retail activities around a soild smart contract. However, this smart contract will serve as the interconnecting device between the client and retailer, and it would be a medium which controls the relationship between them. It will be installed in their smart phones and will be detectable to each other. It will allow consumers to perform any transaction command from his device and it will be reflected in the retailers device. Furthermore, all Mozo users will first register with the system following a laid down procedure using the Beacon or Sticker layout.
They MOZO token will serve as customers’ reward for patronizing any given store, in addition to the fact that it will be used for conducting many transactions in the ecosystem. With the introduction of this coin to the labor market, all shop owners will be able to treat their customers right and build a meaningful relationship with them to a very large extent. Effectiveness will be achieved in the transactions and in the main buying and selling activities. All the clients that have this Mozo experience in their offline shopping will be satisfied and rest assured to revisit the once visited stores again to get more of the sweet experience provided by this system.
Token information
Token name ; MOZO Token
Token price; 1 Mozo = $0.09
Total number of Mozo token issued will be 5 billion Mozo token.
Soft cap; $42 million
Hard cap; $46 million
Number of Mozo token released for sale – 550 million
Pre-sale date:
May 8 2018 to July 15, 2018
Crowd sale date:
July 16, 2018 to July 23, 2018

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