Journey to Achieve the Writer’s Dream Job

Published: 2021-06-17 08:39:01
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My Name is Joey. Now I study at Telkom University start from 2017. The reason, I want to be a network engineer on Google company. It is mine dream job to be. About dream job, it is everyone dream to come true. From now you need to know your dream job. In this essay it is about me to prepare my dream job for next 25 years. About job, in every job it requires a minimum capability that must be fulfilled in applying for a company, therefore the specification or condition that must be met for applying that job. Let’s take your journey to archive your dream job.
Know your company. Company is a voluntary association formed and organized to carry on a business. There are many type company and level company. Know more your type and level company. Example as mind, Google is big company and number one about technology. Level on company is not about rank but scalability is handled. Because of that I need more study complex about infrastructure and security about networking. After you know your level company, you need to know your duty or task about your profession. Profession is about occupation, practice or vocation requiring mastery of a complex set of knowledge and skills. Because of that you need to know your task or duty on your profession. Because I want to be network engineer. The task is operated network for top reliably and scale. As a member of the network engineer team, I have a direct impact improving design and features so that the Google system continues to run smoothly. I also ensure that network operate safe and efficient by monitoring network performance, coordinating planned maintenance, adjusting hardware components and responding to network connectivity issues. Google’s complex network creates constant challenges that require me to continue to innovate with a growing set of technologies. Keeping the network reliable ensures that our users stay connected to a range of applications, products and services. In every job also need minimum qualification. Minimum qualification is a term used in job descriptions to refer to the skills and experience needed for a position. Have you surf on internet about qualification minimum about your dream job? I hope you meet the requirement. For example, on Google Company, the condition I must fulfill to apply as a network engineer at Google. Minimum qualifications degree in Computer Science or related fields, or equivalent practical experience etc. Desired qualifications Network certification such as CCNP / CCIE / JNCIS / JNCIE or equivalent training or practical experience etc. Outside of that, certification Is point plus, It is priority and easy will be accepted. Because of that you need increase go to seminar or some competition. International competition also points plus.
After you know some point about job, I want to share mine sample predictive agenda of me for archive Google Company, outside qualification, task and level the company that must I know. After I Graduated from Telkom University Magister Computer Systems with the best value I will Looking for work with part time. Some of my time to take a course on NetCampus to get a Cisco certificate (CNAP). Continued again on the net campus for courses obtaining Cisco certificates (CCNA). Move to another workplace with a minimum requirement that there must be a Cisco certificate (CCNA). Take courses in Telkom PCC to take a certificate (CCNP). I will try to apply at Google office. If the sign is rejected, I will try to apply for a job again, then try to take a Cisco certificate course (CCIE). Retry apply google.
Dream job is reverie for everyone. You need detail information about your dream job. You can make agenda, next you will do after graduated. Success to get your dream job is impossible without hard work. Keep fight to get your dream job. Don’t push hard your ability excessive. I hope my agenda and dream job will come true. Thanks for read this essay.

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