Importance of Having a Smartphone as a Senior High School Student.

Published: 2021-06-17 08:38:35
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Being born as part of generation Z, and growing up alongside the growing technology of our generation, it is no surprise anymore that the platform of our education is also advancing, such as requiring the students of new generation to have all these advance technology as part of our learnings. Also, to be born in a developing country, it is no doubt to hear that most of our parents and guardians have questioned the use of technology as part of our education, especially having smart phone. There is always a thin line between the good and bad, the same with having a smart phone as a senior high school student and having a smart phone as a teenager. As part of the fast growing society where almost everyone uses phone as part of their everyday life, it is hard to cope up with everyone without matching their technology. That is why most of the high schoolers now uses the same medium to keep up. It is important for us, students, to have smart phone as our study partner.
We, senior high school students are taking advantage of our smart phones as part of our education, researches and projects. Smart phone allows us to study better, see things beyond the explanations of our teachers through short films and edited videos. There are now many social media platform that we can use to help us improve our study, research and performances in school. Not just by that, smart phone saves us from hassle if there are unexpected events, such as natural disaster, we students also teachers could get a news in fast flash if the classes are suspended or no. Nowadays, our medium of communication is through phone calls or social media applications such as messenger. Smart phone also allows us to explore our talents and passion. May it be in recording our voices while singing or taking photo to enhance our photography skills. However, in all these things that our smart phones could do for us, as I have mention earlier, it also has a downside.Since we, teenagers have access almost to the world using our smart phones, and we can see what is happening to other people’s live, our smart phones are allowing us to misjudge other people with the chunk of information we have. Which I consider are the dangerous side of our growing technology. The attitude of the youth had rapidly change and the innocence of our high schoolers was stained because of worldwide view we access through out smart phones. Aside from that, we tend to take advantage of it by spending too much time online, talking to our friends about almost everything. And we don’t notice how much time we are wasting instead of being productive. We procrastinate while we still have a lot of time and cram with the school projects and reviews once the deadline is near.
What I’m trying to say here is that we need to have strong self-discipline to use our smart phones in a productive and mannerly way. We, senior high school students, since we are already entering the bigger world of our lives, it is very important for us to have our smart phones to help us educate ourselves, to prepare ourselves in this society and have a peek of what awaits us after this pace of our lives. However, we also need to learn how to have a balance life with technology and without it. We have to keep in mind that smart phone allows us to see the other side of the world, but sometimes hindrance us to see what is around us. Balance is the key. Learn to use technology wisely, not to abuse it.

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