How Artificial Intelligence Affects the Future

Published: 2021-06-17 08:38:05
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IOT is seems to be a quite well understood topic between the people that I have interviewed. Seeing as IOT is a very popular topic right now makes it not that surprising to see that most people know of it. Most people say that IOT will one day take over the world. This is also further proven by the fact that major companies such as Apple and Samsung are constantly upgrading regular old devices like watches or microwaves into more tech-savvy devices that all connect to each other. The public also seems to believe that IOT is a good step for the future this indicates that they both know what it is and are quite looking forward to it. Figure 2 questionnaire results on whether they think that IOT is a good or bad choice for the future of humans. In short the public seems to know about IOT even though their knowledge of the subject might be limited they seem quite positive about it. Seeing as technology is quite a positive influence on modern peoples lives it comes to no surprise that people don’t seem to mind technology being a part of everything. AII didn’t think that people would know too much about AI coming into this assignment. But I was proven wrong, by my questionnaire Figure 3 The public was asked whether they knew about AI before the questionnaire. From the top graph we can see that 75% of the people that I questioned knew what AI was and had probably heard from it in the news seeing as it is quite a controversial topic, this is not unexpected. But what I didn’t expect was the following result.
This shows that the public is scared for the future of AI. And rightfully so, it is predicted to take 800 million jobs by 2030. Many specialists in this field have said that it is not to worry because it will (Technology Reviews, 2018)Teaching as we know it will be very different. Especially the teachers. Teaching and education will and has always been a staple of a civilized life. A new staple of our everyday life (privileged peoples mainly) has becomes technology. So, it would make sense to integrate technology and education. A good example of this would be Khan academy which has achieved lots of success and is very useful for learning skills at all ages (Wired. com, 2018). And above all that its free. Khan academy’s AI can also detect what a student is good at and what they need help with, and can change what they are being shown to make sure that when they finish with the course they know everything there is to know about the course that they have taken.Robots are being used in Finnish school now with success in helping the more “shy” students (NY Post, 2018). In this article it is also said that ‘In that sense, I think robots and coding the robots and working with them is definitely something that is according to the new curriculum and something that we teachers need to be open-minded about. I think that technology will most definitely become more and more a part of the way that we educate people. But the issue is that is it difficult for a computer to inspire a human (Recode, 2018). She says that people are social animals and that they like learning with other people. So teachers are here to stay but they might not be as secure with their jobs as they might think. Which is good because this will lead to better teacher quality and more access to education in places that might not have access to an educated teacher every single day. AI isn’t only affecting teachers, I also asked myself how will the news industry be affected by the use of AI. And while there isn’t a lot on the subject, because the news is quite secretive on their doings, I did find one interesting article that satisfied my need for knowledge. (agency reuters, 2018). It says that there are 3 point why journalists won’t lose their jobs.
1 – It is difficult to get AI to create a meaningful story that can fuel emotions within people. Journalists now how to do this, and as the circumstances of the story changes so does the way that you have to paint the story out, it is difficult to teach a computer to do this well in a wide range of situations.
2 – skilled journalists are required to double check all the stories that gets created by the AI. A computer can make thousands of stories every couple of seconds. There are never going to be enough journalists to double check, rewrite and then feed the new and improved story back to the AI to learn.
3 – The AI will be able to work with massive data loads at a time, but that won’t mean that the stories will be any good. It might be a very inclusive story, but I won’t understand what humans will want to hear about in the story. So for now AI isn’t really going to harm the job of a journalist, even less so compared to a teacher. AI is also, unexpectedly affecting skill based workers. When all the labourers are replaced by computers what is the need for someone to organize humans and human interactions. While these skilled jobs such as desk traders will start dissipating, people working as coding engineers will rapidly start replacing them.
So people who can work with computers and can code AI will become more and more valuable to companies than someone who can deal with people, especially as websites are overtaking physical things such as shops. 4IRThe fourth industrial revolution is a very broad topic and brings up a lot of questions about our future. Namely the way the companies work and the job market. We talked about the change in the job market, now let’s talk about the shift in companies.
Companies have started changing from saying that they don’t take responsibility for their products into taking full responsibility for what happens with their products. Companies are now more than ever concerned about politics. And with the use of social medias they can now talk to their customers easier than ever. The Fourth Industrial Revolution wont only affect companies and workers it will also affect the consumers. Well for the first time ever, the data companies collect when you buy a product will be more important than your satisfaction with the product. Insurance might become better or worse depending on your health stauts. Companies are trying to make people record their daily health status and they will then tailor your insurance plan according to that, whether it be cheaper or poorer

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