The Reflection of Modern World and Society Through Text in Illuminae

Published: 2021-06-17 08:43:36
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Authors use our world as an inspiration in their literature, which is not a surprise that a plethora of texts reflects our world. The fictional Dystopian novel ‘Illuminae’ by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman is an adequate example of texts that mirror our society. Aspects of literature that depict our world are the similar emotions and behaviours of characters in the novel, the events that are conveyed as well as the relationships in the novel. All these attributes assist in reflecting our world in novels, which are evident in the dystopian novel ‘Illuminae’. Therefore, texts moderately reflect our world. The dystopian novel ‘Illuminae’ mirrors our society to a moderate extent.
Kady Grant a protagonist from the novel ‘Illuminae’ is portrayed as a character who is real and true. Throughout the novel Kady surpasses through many obstacles in order to protect her loved ones as well as survive herself. She had to assist everyone on board the afflicted ship to help them escape, she also had to eliminate a battleship manually and make her way to safety. “Are you afraid” “Yes…i’m still afraid” the technique that is conveyed is emotive language. Emotive language is used to create an atmosphere around the responders making them feel the emotions of the character. This depicts how Kady shows vulnerability, instead of depicting her as a fictional superhero who is not afraid of anything, she illustrates realness as a character, mirroring the same emotions as an individual in our society if put in a similar situation. “I want you to remember that I have a history of disobeying your direct orders and turning out to be right.” this demonstrates the technique of tone. Using different tones in literature helps emphasise a certain attitude spoken by the character. A teenager that we know of is an individual who is quite stubborn, disobedient and someone who is yearning for independence waiting to be an adult, Kady is 17 years old and truly mirrors a person of the same age group. Therefore, the characters in texts mirror our society to a moderate extent. To a vague extenet the novel illuminae, reflects our world. Throughout the novel there are similar events that reflect and connect to events in our world. In the year of 2575 the planet Kerenza has been invaded by two rival mega-corporations, causing civilians to flee Kerenza, with the hopes of migrating to another planet for safety. “Unfriendly people with big guns.” this emphasises the use of foreshadowing and imagery. Foreshadowing is used to hint that something disastrous will happen and with the help of imagery it enables readers to envision the scene.The invasion of kerenza is similar to events that happen in our world today and in our history. There have been many events similar to the text, a great example of this is World War 2 the nazi’s a powerful organisation invaded numerous countries whilst using explosives leaving many civilians dead . “There were a lot of explosions and a lot of dead people.” the techniques used are imagery and repetition. When using repetition it helps resonate an idea to the responders. This Extract from the text ‘illuminae’ demonstrates how the text truly reflects our world, displaying similar events that has happened in our world such as invasions, with bombings which caused many individuals death. Thus, text mirror events that has happened in our world proving that literature reflect our world vaguely. A major factor why texts reflect our world to a marginalised extent are how relationships are portrayed. In the novel Illuminae Kady Grant broke up with Ezra Mason on the day of the Kerenza attack.
Kady Grant and Ezra Mason escaped the invasion together but unfortunately had to be separated in different ships because one was injured. “But you said in your email maybe the universe was telling us it wasn’t going to work out.” illuminating the use of personification. Personification is used to make literature more vivid and interesting to the readers. Throughout the novel, Ezra and Kady lacked in communication as they were in different ships. This relates to the real world as it showcases how many individuals are far from their loved ones. They have the same conflict, as all couples in the real world. The text does not just display a relationship like those in fairy tales, but like ones real couples face in our society. “The more you lose, the more you realise you don’t have much left” demonstrates the use of an allegory and repetition. By using an allegory it allows the audience to have a deeper understanding and not just the literal meaning. The deeper meaning that is conveyed is that the more time that you lose with the people you love, is when you realise you don’t have much time left, Kady shows how hopeless she feels being so far away from her loved one and becoming distant from each other. This feeling of the loss of time in a relationships, is exactly the same situation couples who are fighting through long distance relationships have to face in everyday life. Hence, texts reflect our society to a marginalised extent. However, texts reflect our world to a moderate extent because texts similar to the novel ‘illuminae’ are technologically advanced and is set somewhere we have yet to experience. The novel is set in 2575 based in the future in space after an invasion on their planet Kerenza.
All the civilians are boraded on battleships with hi-tech machinery and systems with brains smarter than our very own. “missile strikes…damaged our Artificial Intelligence Defense Analytics Network…responsible for many vital shipboard functions ” the technique used is visual imagery communicating to the responders what is happening by creating an image in the mind. As a result of this novel having way too many references to things that are not recognised in today’s society it is obviously clear that texts only reflect our world to a minimal extent. In our world artificial intelligence that is responsible for the safety of others is not present in 2018, we handle safety manually. “Our jump gate is heavily damaged…” foreshadowing is used to create suspense and gives off a clue that something unfortunate may happen. We live on earth and we know our surroundings, however, in space it is nothing like a mirror of our world, it is completely different. Furthermore the terminology of jumpgates is not used in our world and is only referred to in fictional literature. Therefore, texts don’t reflect our world significantly but, to a moderate extent. In conclusion, texts reflect our world to a moderate extent, showing similarities but also the complete opposite. Literature such as the dystopian novel ‘illuminae’ by Amie Kaufman and Jay kristoff do reflect our world by illustrating characters that mirror characteristics of an individual in our world and by having similar events that has happened in our world that are also conveyed in the novel.
Furthermore, relationships are portrayed as ones not like in fairy tales, but relationships that are more realistic and a reflection of what couples would face in today’s society. Despite the true reflections of our world, there are themes that do not particularly line up to how we vision our world, such as, how the novel ‘illuminae’ is set in 2575 which is far in the future, the use of terminology that is only recognisable in fictional texts and the setting of space is not familiar to us who live on earth. Thus, illuminating that texts truly reflect our world only to a moderate extent.

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