Having Sweet Treats at Night: Benefits and Drawbacks

Published: 2021-06-17 08:29:32
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I think there is less number of people who don’t like dessert or any kind of sweets. In every festival, in a family function or any kind of good news happen then sweets is mandatory for every Indian family, if you are an Indian then you know it better and in India many places known for the sweet dishes like; Karnataka for Mysore Pak, Maharashtra for Modak, Rajasthan for Ghevar and West Bengal for Rossogolla, and if it comes to the Bengali tradition then nothing can decrease love for the sweets. Without desserts no meal has been completed. Not only for taste it has many good sides also to having a sweet dish after dinner, many time doctors also prefer to have sweets after the dinner. It helps to maintain low blood sugar level.
Benefits of Having Desserts at Night:
Maintain diet: Most of the people think if they are on diet they can’t have any type of sweet dish or any type of desserts. They totally restricted themselves from having any kind of sweets; if you are on diet that’s not mean you only have kilos of boil vegetables and fruits! But that’s not right; we can add sweet dishes between our diet charts, but how that is the important thing. The people who are on low calorie diet they also can add it. You can have no bake pumpkin oatmeal cookies it has calorie in a serving, low calorie brownies it has 40 calorie, chocolate fudge truffles it contains 45 calorie per serving, chocolate avocado cookies it has only 32 calorie per serving, you can also have vanilla cupcakes it contains 45 calorie in it. You can have all these desserts after your dinner. And they are healthy as well, you don’t need to worry about these desserts, for these desserts your diet will not disturbed.
Mood swings: Do you believe sweets can turn your bad mood in good? Many people’s thinks that it’s a rumors but it’s not a rumor its real sweets can turn our bad moon into good, do you know which is the most craving food? According to the researches chocolate is the most craving food. After eating sweets our brain release endorphins hormone, it also called feel-good hormone, people can feel happy after eating sweets. Sometimes eating sweets can help our depress mood in a stable condition. And after dinner we should have sweet items and feel relax.
Provide carbohydrates: carbohydrates is an essential material for our body, we get energy from this, and in sweet items have lots of carbohydrates, sometimes because of the weather, bad day, or some arguments we can feel low that time we should have chocolate, pastry or any kind of sweet that can help to change our mood. And at the end of the day we all need some rest and that is the best time having sweet dishes, after dinner and before we sleep.
Own satisfaction: if you are sweet tooth like me then you can’t avoid to sweets, and not only after dinner desserts, we love to eat sweets any time, but what about those people who love to eat sweets but have some restrictions, what they can do? There are many healthy option to eat sweet dishes, they can make these items at home and enjoy. There are many ways to add sweet dishes in a healthy way; with this we can full fill our cravings for sweets. At first we should satisfy our appetite otherwise you can’t put your concentration any where.
Desserts We Should Try After Dinner

Strawberry ice cream: who don’t like ice cream! And after finishing meal I think everyone do like ice creams, and when it’s comes strawberry ice cream its mouth watering, but what about the people on diet, they thing they not allow to have any type of sweet dishes. For those this is one of the great sweet dishes, and also for those people who are diabetic and restricted to have any kind of sugar, they also can have this. This creamy strawberry ice cream made with milk, corn flour, and if you want to add sugar then add it or you can add any substitute of sugar, and most important ingredient ripe and sweet strawberry.
Process: firstly add the corn flour in half cup of cold milk, then in another no stick pan add remaining milk and put the corn flour and milk mixture. And stir it at a very low flame, after 1 minute dip a spoon on this and check that the spoon’s back coats with that or not, when it’s done turn off the flame, and when its completely cool then add sugar or substitute and strawberries and transfer into a glass container and put that into the refrigerator for 5 hours, and you can enjoy your sugar less strawberry ice cream after your dinner.
Yogurt: we all know that yogurt is a high source of protein, and if you are in diet then yogurt is one of the important food of your diet chart, it has good bacteria in it and it helps our digestive system as well. If we eat it before going bed just cause of it’s a diary product it can be reason for your very good sleep. I think you going to amaze to know that yogurt can minimize the allergic reactions, and consuming yogurt can decreased the chances of peptic ulcer and stomach cancer. You can eat yogurt alone if you don’t like that then you can add some other staff in it.
What Can You Add?

You can cut in small slices of fresh ripe fruits and directly add in to the yogurt or you can blend your favorite fruits with it, then you have to put your fruity creamy yogurt in to the refrigerator for some time, then you can enjoy your homemade dessert.
To having some crunch in your yogurt, cut some nuts into small, and get some honey and add both of these in the bowl of yogurt.
Fruit custard: we all familiar with this name, and it is a very quick and tasty dessert as well, children’s like it very much, and because its contain fruits and milk goodness it is a very healthy dish as well. If you don’t know how to make fruit custard then have a look.
PROCESS: At first take a small bowl put some milk and then add some custard powder in it and mix that well then boil 2 cups of milk and after a good boil add that mixture on the milk, stir that on low flame after 3-4 min turn off the flame and transfer these into a bowl then add some fruits like ripe and chopped papaya, apples, some grapes and small cube cutting watermelon. And the mix all then put that in to refrigerator. After few hours it will ready to eat.
What is the goodness of having fruit custard?

We all know milk is very essential for our body, it is the source of calcium it makes our teeth and bones stronger. Drinking milk helps to maintain red blood cells and it’s also gives us energy. We found many essential vitamins in it like vitamin A, vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. Eating papaya is very beneficial for our health, eating papaya can boost our energy, and it is very good for our eye, Papaya is full of vitamin C and it also helps us in our digestion.
In fruit custard it also has apple and apple is very good for heart diseases, it helps to reduce the chances of cancer and we get many types of nutrient value from apple. You can add any types of fruits in custard and it, fruits are full of vitamin, you defiantly have custard in you desserts it is a very good option to anyone. Dark chocolate: who don’t like chocolate? Chocolate is the one thing kids to adults everyone can cravings for it. And by research it also proves chocolate is the most craving food. If you don’t want to cook then you can also have chocolate as your dessert after finishing your dinner, this is not only tasty but it also have some health benefits.
Benefits of having dark chocolate

Eating Dark chocolate can decrease the chances of many heart diseases.
Dark chocolate can part of your healthy diet because it has very good amount of cocoa in it.
It can sharpen your brain.
In a report shows that the pregnant woman who eat chocolate during their pregnancy they had happier and less fussy baby, this is the great news for all pregnant lady. Dark chocolate is very good for our skin, it has two types of antioxidants and it can protect our skin from sun burn. Earlier I said this sweet can make us happy, and when it comes to dark chocolate it also the same we can feel relax and it can remove our all stress, and make us feel happy. Eating chocolate before going bed it is the reason of good sleep, it will help you to release all your stress and can change your bad mood in to a good mood.
Gajar ka halwa: who don’t this Indian dessert, without this many meals will incomplete. This is the one of the most popular sweet dish of India and every one love to have it. It has milk and carrots in it so it is a very healthy dish also, you should have it in winter time that will be the best time to have it. The diet freak people also have it.
Process: at first hit up a pan and put some ghee on it and the add finely chopped carrots and stir this after that add milk on that then keep that on medium flame for 5 minute then add sugar or some jaggery powder instead of sugar, and mix that well and after few second turn the flame off and its ready, on the top of it sprinkle some dry fruits.
Benefits of having gajar ka halwa:

Its main ingredient is carrot, and carrot is the best source of beta carotene.
It can reduce the risk of cancer.
It has goodness of vitamin A and vitamin K1.
Vitamin k1 is help to maintain bone health.
Carrot is full of vitamin A, and its help us with good eye sight.
It also helps to maintain the higher cholesterol level.
Kheer: we Indians can relate to this name, we heard this name from our childhood, and we love to have it, this is the also a homemade easy dessert you can have, cold or hot whatever you want. It has rice and milk in it so it is very nutritious. We all know about the goodness of milk.
Process: few simple steps and you can make this tasty dessert, firstly boil some milk then add 1 cup of rice when it gives a good boil then turn in to low flame and add some jaggery powder instead of sugar, and stir it for few time then serve this in to bowl and have it after your dinner.
Benefits of having kheer:

It contains rice and rice is the great source of carbohydrates, it gives us essential crabs for our body.
And it also has milk and milk one of the best way to have protein.
Also milk is a diary product so it also helps you in good sleeping.
It helps to increase our appetite.
Ending thoughts; now come to the ending part, we all have some cravings for sweets, anyone can easily have sweet dishes if they are on diet or not that’s not matter, after dinner having sweets has some benefits also, so without any worry have your dessert and enjoy.

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