Requirements for the Dissertation in Film Studies

Published: 2021-06-17 08:23:41
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Film studies have actually turned out to be a career studies in the recent decades. Now there are many people whose choice for future studies is visual studies and specialty film making. Well film studies is actually quite a money making subject and holly wood and Bollywood are observed to be the two most prominent and head members of this family. In film studies, it is not just all about the making of the film but also the directions provided, the script writing, the role playing, the budgeting, type of films and other major parts too also arrives.
Well if we try to sort out the topic selection for film studies then it can be the movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, any specific country film industry, how film industry has changed with time, the budgeting of film, songs in the film, impact of films on the society, films and morals distribution, the film industry of modern era, the film industry of golden era, the specific directors and producers, any films, the role of camera mans, make-up artists and other behind scenes team, and there could be much more.Well first student has to take permission from the department in order to precede the research and writing work. This permission is requested through the dissertation proposal. But even before that student has to select the topic of dissertation in order to get that approve. In most cases it is very much noticed that students decide their topic pre-hand and through their class lectures of which topic they are interested in. But still if student hasn’t decide the topic and pretty much stuck with the topic selection than they are advised to talk to the professors and the academic supervisors for it. Then after it the research part arrives. This research can be done through books and journals and websites too as books sometimes fails to provide the updated information.
Students are advised to cite all the resources hand-to-hand in order to save themselves from any further trouble as source citation is really important and necessary and saves the work from plagiarism charges. All the data collected must be really authentic through a trusted source. Then comes the writing part of dissertation but beforehand there is again a mini-step called dissertation drawing or dissertation structure. In this part students plan out the whole dissertation part; the word count, the writing style, the format, headings and subheadings too. After this part students can jump on the writing part.
In dissertation there are chapters and sections; the tile page, the introductions, the abstracts, the methods and discussions, the results and conclusion part and the appendices and reference sections. Dissertation editing and proofreading at the end is really much important as it saves the paper from giving any bad impression to readers and sometimes editing and proofreading can actually be a very fine line between the paper getting accepted or rejected as too many mistakes, either big or small can lead to the cancelation of paper. In dissertation proofreading comes the correction of all grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, typing mistakes and printing mistakes too.
Dissertation papers are really much important and they play a very important role in nourishing student writing and research skills. They are not just the graduation requirement but also the way to give an impression to student career that now he is able to conduct his future independent research.

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