Ethical and Social Issues of Nakia

Published: 2021-06-17 08:13:06
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The aim of this report is to discuss ethical and social issues of Nakia, stakeholders included, transparency about its ethics and social responsibility, code that addressed values and corporate social responsibility and how the corporation account for its ethical and social responsibility. The adaptive cycle will be used to connect the different stages of the reorganization stages of Nokia.
Ethical and social issues
Nokia introduced two models as Lumia 920 and 820 on September 5, 2012 by focussing on Pure view camera technology. But the ad showed an Optical Image Stabilization feature of Lumia 920 which was caught and proved to be fake. Neither the still image nor the video was taken with Lumia 920. The company issued formal apology for the advertisement by saying it as a disclaimer representation of OIS only.Moreover, Microsoft took over Nokia handset along with a licence for its patents leaving Nokia with Redmond based software and Nokia Siemens Network (NSN). Because of this it slumped badly as Samsung and Apple were in the face of challenge at top end of the smartphone market and Chinese “white-box” at the low end by making ultra cheap smartphones with features of Nokia. Since it began selling windows phone in 2011, less revenue was generated.
Stakeholders included

Consumers: These are the most important people for Nokia and their commitment not only reflect their product’s quality, but also their approach to various environmental, social and ethical issues. Nokia cares of their customers and other stakeholders.
Shareholders: The importance of sound and ethical business practices to both mainstream and investors was recognized by Nokia and it continued to meet the needs of investors by exploring the ways to increase it range of services for them.
Operators: Throughout the service delivery chain, Nokia ensured its leading operator customers a socially responsible practices.
Employees: Nokia offers them education, training and development programs, rewarding good performance. It implemented different schemes to improve working environment and culture, conducted employee surveys by designing employment guidelines in order to make Nokia a better place to work.
Government: As a partner member, Nokia joined Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008 and was the 1st mobile communication manufacturer to do so. This aims in raising public awareness and promote this energy production, private companies and public authorities, professional and energy agencies across Europe.

Transparency about its ethical and social responsibility
The transparency that company shows for its ethical and social responsibility is very lucid. Nokia corporation always believes in showing the mirror image of itself to its customer and employees. They have addressed the environmental (low carbon economy) and social issues that company is facing nowadays and their target to resolve such issues. They focus on three priorities for environmental issues which are as follows: energy efficiency, managing substances in their products and take-back and recycling. They are doing what they claim to do.
Effects of CSR work at company

Helps to strengthen relationships with customers and its employees.
More number of retention in customers.
Better business reputation.
Encourage Nokia to aware people about their new technological products
One step ahead from competitors

Overall assessment of ethical and social responsibility. By analyzing the whole Nokia corporation, we can say that even after a huge slump in telecom market, they came with a powerful

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