Economic, Environmental, Physical and Social Benefits of Scuba Diving

Published: 2021-06-17 06:27:40
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Most of the people must agree that scuba diving is one of the most popular and exciting sports activities and it is truly amazing. this is helped to improve skills through enjoyment and sometimes it is also worked for economy benefits. Here are four benefits of scuba diving identifying through this research especially for Bangladesh with a diagram.
Economic benefits
At the area of coastal zone, Tourists cannot get the opportunity to take participate in any recreational activities. In that circumstance, scuba diving can meet their desire and increase tourist flow in certain area. Experts are agreed and said that scuba diving is very economically viable from numerous ways.Some experts said that scuba diving can create multipurpose economic growth by tourists’ activity. For Scuba diving, scuba diver needs to travel to reach the destination by using public transportations. At least 7 days need to stay to do scuba diving because climate of ocean or sea time is not always free and short time vacation is risk to get the scuba diving chance. So, scuba diver need to stay in hotel or other local accommodation or self tenet and taking local food from restaurants. Scuba diver excess in local shopping mall or other tourism places which is nearby. Local people can make home made products with using their creativity which can sell to the scuba diver as a souvenir.
Employment Creation
Scuba diving mainly generates two types of employments one is scuba diving tourism related (scuba diver or trainer or scuba center maintain) and other is technical related (military, navy etc.). It can be created major employment area as well as skilled manpower who can do job within the country or oversee the country in a large salary (within the country one can earn 60000 above and for foreign job 1-1.5 lac). And their contribution increases the remittance and increase the gross domestic product. To make a scuba diver not to necessary higher graduation but should be dedicated and technical sound knowledge and most importantly environment lover. People are now like to do job in an area where will get freedom of working which may ensure in scuba diving.
The following are the sector of making a career in scuba diving:
Sustainable Economy
Sustainable economy means sustain economy for the long-time and generates revenue frequently from a source. Scuba diving is one way to sustain our economy. Suppose: a fish man hunts a lobster and sells it about 1000tk but in scuba diving can earn 3000tk by only seeing lobster under the water how it lives. There is 2000tk more income and lobsters stay at its place no hunting is happened here and this lobster earns more for every time by scuba diving. And in this way our endangered plants and aquatic animals stay at its habituate. So, scuba diving can sustain its economy for the long-time.
Standard of Living
Individually one can take the training from training center and after step by step training a trainer become a professional trainer and can start to train other or work as a scuba diver. Scuba diving is very potentials working area for our country where has a chance to do self-develop. By getting salary or commission from scuba diving which is significant amount it is easy to increase the standard of living scuba diver as well as divers’ family also.
Increased Tourists Flow
At the area coastal zone, tourism activity is very low and scuba diving is adventures tourism activity which increase the overall tourists flow in coastal zone. Especially young people and adventurous lovers’ must visit coastal zone for water exploring and coastal people to be benefited by additional flowing tourists.
Increased Foreign Tourist Flow
Bangladesh government works for attracting foreign tourists to visit our country and in that perspective, government takes several initiatives to promote and branding our tourism. It is certainly that foreign tourists will never come if our tourism sector will not involve tourism activity especially adventurous tourism sports. On the other hand, foreign tourists are always searching comfort service and standard amenities which is not sufficient in our country.
Charts show that average near about 5 lac foreign tourists are travelling our country through tourism visa but it cannot be determined that foreign tourists come for tourism purpose or visiting our destination and most foreigner come here for business purpose. It is difficult to identify who are the actual foreign tourists.
Bangladesh bank chart shows that how much money spend by foreign tourists. But this data cannot be confirmed whole income earn from tourism sector. This income can come from spending money foreign tourists’ food, transportation cost mainly. However, foreign tourists’ income can increase by tourism activity and scuba is one of the way. A scuba diver is always fond of new place of diving for exploring. In 2016, Karin Sniger who has a record of scuba diving around the world almost dived 142 countries and Bangladesh is 138 number country to visit and diving at saint-martin.
Experts suggested for large scale economic impact of scuba diving in Bangladesh which are mentioned in below:

Trained up people who have knowledge about ocean and sea environments and technically sound people it may reduce time and cost of training.
Community people must involve in scuba diving activity for expanding economic effect from local to national level.
Try to migrate skilled scuba diver in foreign country and maintain information separately.

Environmental benefits
Scuba diving is fully related to enjoy the marine environments and its bio-diversity. Scuba diving first and foremost condition is clean water and not polluted water. Clean marine environments increase the taste of scuba diving and it makes an opportunity to see such unthinkable beauty of water environments. Experts suggested enormous positive environmental impacts of scuba diving and these are:
A scuba diver is always connected with environment and diver can see the environment very closely. A scuba diver can never do anything which impacts negatively on environments. Divers are always conscious about nature and give message to all not to do any harmful thing. In this way, a positive environmental awareness increased.
To promote scuba diving, all body of tourism includes tourism authority, promoter work consciously and future business and long-term sustainability.
Scuba diving increase the interaction with aquatic plants and animals.
Our endangered aquatic animals or fauna make protect and people are more conscious when get the exactment to watch it.
If water environments are cleaned it makes an impact on whole environments as well as climate. Helps to reduce the temperature and absorb carbon dioxide. For this, many countries artificially marine environments create or promote for scuba diving and environments as well.
Hunting or fishing is threatened activity for scuba diving but proper monitoring and makes conscious among tourists as well as local people it can be handled.
Some experts are also said that tourist flow increase the risk of coastal zone capacity and in this regards tourism authority should make policy and strictly implemented.
Through scuba diving club or class people learn about the habituate and feel the importance of protective it for the environmental well-being.
Sometimes scuba diving works as a project of awareness on behalf of environment.
Global warming is an alarming to all countries of the worlds and this is the subject of anxiety for Bangladesh and government take initiative to contribute reduce global warming. Under the water life especially coral is very effective to absorb warm and produce oxygen in huge amount. So, scuba diving development helps our country to reduce temperature.
Scuba diving is sustainable and less environments impacts and through scuba diving our river can get its liveliness again and our untouchable resources will touch which use in boarder economic scale. Scuba diving contributes in which may economically figure out but its environmental impacts which is impossible to evaluate.
Physical benefits
Scuba diving is fully freedom of sense activity where physical and mental relaxation are most important. Scuba can be done by almost all people who are average physical fit. Before scuba diving need to be filled a questionnaire which is given by trainer or instructor by whom wants to do. If trainer or instructor supposed to get any problem of trainee, it is suggested to go hospital for a medical cheek-up. Normally scuba diving makes several physical benefits for human begins and these are:
Make strength and flexible
In scuba diving swimming is must and swimming help to increase strength of nerve and it is worked more in water than surface area. As the same time by doing scuba diving makes the whole body flexible and easily adjust with situation.8.3.2 Increase breathing time: In scuba diving, the breaths are taking very slowly under the water because it can be helped to hold breath for long time and for slowly breathing reduce the rate of heartbeat and it is helped for staying in quiet.
Reduce blood pressure
For first time scuba diving is exciting for anyone but for the time passing a scuba diver used to in it and scuba diving bring a person under deep water where water is cold which is also reduced the blood pressure.
Make fit
Swimming is necessary for scuba diving and it is an effective physical exercise which increase strength, flexible body, increasing breathing and overall things helps to make a person fit from earlier.
Traveling in warm temperature
Scuba diving can be done in cool water although it is done in warm water which is good for health. And this process a scuba diver adjusts with warm water as well as warm environments and it may increase the desired of travelling in warm environments.
To make interaction with water
Water can fight with diseases and swimming for a long time or salty water increase the thirsty of water which is good for health. At the same time, scuba diver gets the opportunity to interact with aquatic life which is not getting before and it’s a lifetime experience.
Increase feelings of good and reduce mental stress
Scuba diving gives a unique and unthinkable experience which distinct a person from others who is not doing scuba diving. It’s an exciting sport where patience is most important to see something special. In scuba diving needs to calm brain and waiting for long time and everything helps to reduce mental stress.
Social benefits
Scuba diving is one of the activities which must involve with people. From the starting training, a trainee needs to join class or club to learn everything of scuba diving in details. At the time of exploring a scuba diver must go with trainer or other fellow divers. If it is said about tourism, a tourist must explore under water with instructor. So, scuba divers get huge time to stay together or increase social interaction. Except it, there are many social benefits of scuba diving making ensure.
Scuba divers are always fond of new place and are traveled to the new place. Scuba diver are passed the whole time with others fellow divers. And this make a chance to share culture to each other.
4 days training or long timing is necessary for scuba diving which makes a friendship with same hobbies people and for the life time.
Knowledge of ocean bio-diversity is increasing through real life experience as well as increase knowledge about technical subject.
It is increased communication skills through communicate with many peoples of various personality and culture.
Scuba diving make opportunity for taking taste of sea food and sea fish which contains high proteins which is good for health and reduce the diseases of malnutrition.
Tourists flow increase in coastal area in which mobilize the coastal economy growth that reduces the poverty in specific area, but which has impact overall national wide.
SDG goal attainment
Sustainable development goals are the extension version of millennium developments goals which set by the united nation including a collection of 17 goals and 169 targets. SDG aims to achieve its goals within year 2030 and for this, it is called 2030 agenda which mainly focus on changing the world towards sustainable or establishing the sustainable developments around the world. All the goals designed in one chain that have connected each other and interdependent. SDG are worked for balancing social and economy and it is covered all most all developments of social and economy. Bangladesh governments are walking in the same path of SDG and take it embracery and make plan to achieve it within time frame which is determined by UN.
According to SDG goals, 8 number and 14 number goals are consecutively decent work and economic growth and life below under water. Scuba diving must work on achieving above two points directly. Scuba diving ensure the life below water activities and it has an opportunity to sustain economy growth and make a decent work environment. But scuba diving is also working to attain goals number 1 and 2 indirectly. However, it is great opportunity for Bangladesh to achieve in fixed time by considering under water activities.

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