Drug Abuse Among Children

Published: 2021-06-17 08:44:07
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Today children as young as 14 years old areusing drugs, according to The Council for the Welfare of Children or (CWC) as they keep track of the records of juvenile crime. Male between the ages of 14 and 17 with low educational attainment; belongs to large, low-earning families of six members are usually the profile for these delinquents and are getting younger every year. Just this August a group of college students gave in to the law after their video where they were clearly using marijuana and cursing President Rodrigo Duterte, as if challenging him. In the video they were clearly on drugs and fooling around. Waving the pack of marijuana’s around showing to the viewers all while blowing the packet of drugs toe camera. Not only that but last year on august 11 but 5 males were caught at a drug session and two of those members were under aged. More over in the news there are more in more minors caught in the act of stealing and more petty crimes.
Blatant behavior like this is all over the news and social media, covering the newsfeed of neitizens with activities like this with younger children caught. Children as young as 8 years old accused with the crimes such as theft and usage of alcohol. We always seem to say that the children are our future, or that they are the beacon of tomorrows hope but why is it that more and more of tomorrows hope is drowned into darkness and the wrong path as time progresses. Drugs, Terrorism, theft, and other activities that often made them conflict with the law.“Why is that?”The time we live in today is no doubt difficult. The prices for everyday necessities are growing higher and higher as The Train law takes effect. The Filipinos are already feeling it as they try to budget their minimum wage pays just to provide for not only their children’s needs, but for their own. This has massive effects on the country as more and more minors starve and have nothing to provide themselves and their family. While they’re forced to drop their education early, they learn nothing useful that might help them in the future. Forcing their hand, they have no choice but to turn their ways just to escape and survive the cruel reality that is our country today. Drowning themselves with drugs and alcohol in hopes to forget the all the problems they face. Family conflict, school troubles, and personal problems cloud their minds and instead of facing these troubles, they run from it as they were never taught how to figure it out. They turn to drugs to try and “free their minds” or they take a “happy pill” to have a temporary feeling of ecstasy. But that is the problem, it is only temporary,and they keep taking drugs to escape their miserable problems. They are lost and confused, trying to only forget and by means of the wrong method. They do not know how to resolve these problems themselves and were never taught the skills for it. They need character-based education.
Character based education is where rather than focusing on temporary results focused on passing tests and quizzes, students are taught to solve their own behavioral problems as well as helping them achieve academical achievement by allowing positive values to positively affecting the student’s decision-making process and skill. Its encourages them to think wisely not only for themselves but to think for the better of everybody around them, serving their best interest as well as others. Skills like this are aiming not to only be used in classrooms but also life in general. Molding them into Leaders at an early age, this type of education will help student resolve their problems, personal or not, in a positive way. Therefore, if it is applied in schools it will promote this idea and will eventually mold these students into a better person, setting he or she in the right path.It doesn’t force them to learn things that will only stay in their heads for a short amount of time. It teaches them 21st Century skills which include Learning Skills, Literacy Skills, Life Skills, and Social Skills. Skills needed to survive in this new day and age. But as of today, only a few schools have promoted this type of education, except in one group in the schools.
Growing up what children need is knowledge. The skill to process data and to be informed about themselves and the world around the them. Schools are doing this job, but they are serving the wrong kind of method. Instead of teaching them skills to set them to be a better person they are instead given almost given useless that will most probably be not used in the future. Information that they will only learn to pass a test or quiz and forget in due time. While they stuff their mind with knowledge like this, they are not taught skills to survive the 21st century. In Campus Journalism we promote these skills for the better of a student. Here it is taught that we need skills like these not only for highschool but also for the rest of our lives. Giving us the chance to thinking critically about the news we are relaying and the opinions we want the readers to understand. Keeping the readers interested in the news, we find creative ways to tell news, and to make the viewers understand. With a brave stand defending our morals we think about how the information will affect the readers opinion and the world they live in, as we learn about life skills. Then we socialize to view the opinion of the publicto know what their views and opinions are without a topic. The role we play in a student’s life is crucial, as they spend most of their time in school. The school paper informs them of all the news and happenings a student needs to be aware of. As they reach each grade level, the knowledge they attain grows greater and so do they as a person, our goal is to help them teach themselves with 21st century skills with reading the school paper.
Serving information purposefully teaching them these skills as they read on. The school paper builds on facts, values, news and morals above else. Caring about what we write, how we write it and how the public will be affective. Reading the paper will help them develop 21st century skill as the writer of the paper did. Helping them not only to be informed but to attain these skills as well. Using these skills, we want to spread our work, so others can read and become more informed. As they read they will think critically and decide their own opinion while they creatively interpret the information in their heads, so they can connect their ideas with their social group and adjust their opinions as new information comes along. We exercise these skills effectively to help our fellow students be more informed of what is going on with the people around them. To make the world a better place for everybody and to help them develop these skills by reading and analyzing the articles we write. With a lot of information and hard work built on the school paper, the journalist hope to help other students like themselves to be informed with what is going on with the world around them. Instilling in them as they read the news 21st century skills. Word by word, article by article, we hope to once again light the beacon of hope with what little power we have. To reach into the hearts and minds of students so with the knowledge they are armed with, they can little by little develop these skills they need to survive and to light a little light of hope for those who are lost in a dark world.

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