Darren Aronofsky Movie Requiem for a Dream: Analyzing the Filming Methods

Published: 2021-06-17 08:25:23
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In the film Requiem for a Dream, there are many different ways that the director catches the audience’s attention and conveys the purpose of the film that he wishes to portray. The purpose of the movie is to convey a negative message about addiction to the audience. By using many different techniques to convey this message to the audience, the director was able to create an impactful impression on the audience. The film has almost a dark underlying theme, this theme unravels as the film progresses.
Throughout the movie, many different techniques are use. One that is often used is the quick cuts and sped up motions. Whenever there is a scene where the actors partake in drug use, the shot becomes quick and rigid. There are a lot sped ups, fast moving, moments when there is drug use, and the same music plays each time. There is a lot of similar footage to introduce a scene with drug use, in doing so; the audience is able to identify the scene each time. It also gives a less disturbing depiction of the drug use with the audience still being able to understand what is happening. It shows which drugs they are using, the process it takes to do so, but with little detail or graphic images. It also uses strong and detailed sound effects to go along with each action, and the sound effects remain constant for each scene.Throughout many of the scenes, there are many times where there is a split screen. The split screen gives the audience two perspectives of the single situation. In the split screen scenes, the two different perspective of the scene are coming from the same room, but they are focused on two different people in the room. In doing so, the audience is able to see what each character is experiencing in the scene. The split screen is an intriguing way for the audience to experience the scenes, especially because these scenes normally have a lot to do with the main purpose of the film. One of the initial scenes the movie opens to is a split screen between the protagonist and his mother. It shows the two different perspectives of the characters. The son, who is taking his mother’s T.V. to sell in order to get money to be able to buy drugs to supply his addiction. As well as his mother who is in distress and only being able to see what her son is doing through the keyhole of a locked door.
The scenes are all highlighted through the use of music and sound effects as well. When there are scenes that involve pathos, the music matches whatever emotions that scene is more than likely producing for the audience. It intensives each scene when the sound effects are added. The music in place at the end of the movie sets the final mood. As well as really setting a vivid, gruesome image in the audience’s head that emphasizes the overall purpose of the film.
No matter how one looks at it, Requiem for a Dream is a film that conveys the message that addiction is a serious thing that has a negative impact on a person’s life. By using the techniques throughout the movie, and ending the movie on a strong vivid note forever engraves the viewer’s memory with this message. The movie has a strong message that is conveyed throughout the film and continues to become more and more apparent as the plot unfolds. By the end the purpose and the message of the film is clear to the audience and strongly conveyed.

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