Computer Support Specialist Career Description

Published: 2021-06-17 08:38:49
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The career description I chose is Computer support specialist. I will be discussing the salary and educational background.
A computer support specialist usually answers questions from computer users. They may also run certain test to help resolve problems. Additional things they may do include writing manuals, training others and looking at computer information systems. My personality is quiet and I get things done. Some values that I have is respect, kindness and I am very honest. As a Computer support specialist, the average salary is about $52,160 per year and $25.08 per hour which is not bad. There are about 835,300 jobs dealing with this and the job outlook is 10%.The educational background required for a Computer Support Specialist is an associates or bachelor’s degree. Your educational field of study would be Computer science, information science and computer related subjects. Great skills for this job would be problem solving skills, good verbal and written communication skills, customer service and listening skills. Jobs related to a Computer support specialist would be computer and informational system managers, Computer network architects and computer system analysis. Some interesting facts people don’t know about computer specialist is that Computer users need support 24/7 and therefore support specialists can have schedules that include evenings, nights, weekends and holidays and technical support specialist can also work from home or travel to client’s homes.
Advantages of this job include above average pay, flexibility, growth and importance. Disadvantages include they universally require some form of postsecondary education, and employers show a vast preference for prior work experience. I choose Computer support specialist because I feel as if it best fits me I have the required skills and I love working with computers. The growth of Computer support specialist was 10% in 2016.
A good college to go to for Computer support specialist would be University of Phoenix- Arizona. They were founded in 1976 and have over 142,500 students studying there now. They offer three computer support specialist degree programs. It is a large private university and the city is mid-sized. The university has financial aid, student loans and tuition guarantee. The cost for this college is 15,818 for all students regardless of their residency. The fee consists of tuition, room and board, and books and supplies. I choose this school because the graduation rate is high and they offer a lot of things dealing with the computer academy. After college I can start my job right away making the average salary.
In conclusion, it is obvious that Computer support specialist is right for me because I have the right personalities and values this job will fit me well. I talked about the salary and educational background and why I felt this this job is best for me. As a high school student now I have more time to grow and learn new things but I know I will be ready for this job.

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