Chula Vista Fire Department Informational Packet

Published: 2021-06-17 08:51:12
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Discuss the history of a fire service or emergency service organization in your community and how the organization has evolved in response to industry trends. Chula Vista Fire Department was established on May 21. 1921 by a group of dedicated, hard-working volunteers. Since the first full time firefighter was hired in 1921, the department has grown to over 140 men and women that carry on the rich traditions and highest level of service and professionalism that surround the Chula Vista Fire Department. Now, Chula Vista Fire Department has nine stations, with plans to add three more over the next two years, and its personnel respond to around 19,000 calls each year. Chula Vista is the second largest city in San Diego county and boasts a population of 256,000 over a fifty-two square mile area. CVFD is staffed with 36 personnel plus two battalion chiefs for each 24-hour shift . Chula Vista Fire has been making the transition to a fully capable advanced life support department. It has recently completed this transition and has entered a new level of emergency medical services. In 2013, CVFD began this transition by introducing ALS to five engines located at stations 5,6,7,8 and 9. Then, two years later, Chula Vista began providing ALS care to the remaining stations at 1,2,3 and 4. The department is officially ALS capable years ahead of schedule. Chula Vista City Council introduced a master plan for the Fire Facility in January 2014. This scheme offers new positioning of fire stations across the city, not only to fulfill the thresholds of reaction from the Growth Management Oversight Commission, but also to fulfill the thresholds of reaction from the National Fire Protection Association. This was done to ensure a greater level of safety for firefighters.
Become a Firefighter Trainee. Chula Vista Fire Department is currently accepting applications. Functions of a firefighter trainee include responding to fire and other emergency alarms; connecting and laying hose lines; assisting in operating nozzles and direct water stream and other extinguishing agents onto fires; positioning and climbing ladders to fight fires and effect rescue operations; making entry ventilation openings in buildings using hand and power tools; rendering emergency medical attention; assisting in rescue, overhaul, and salvage of buildings, cars, aircraft or other hazardous environments; performing structure and ground maintenance. At Firefighter trainee will also operate fire and rescue apparatus in training or relief of others; study fire department rules, regulations and procedures; attend drills, training and conferences; study firefighting techniques; learn about fire hazards and conduct community inspections; give demonstrations, classes and training to the public; may assist in conducting hydrant maintenance or routine inspections; may participate in physical fitness program; build and maintain positive, collaborative working relationships with co-workers, other City employees, personnel from a wide range of outside agencies, other colleagues in the field, and the public; perform other duties related to this position. To be eligible for employment as a firefighter trainee, there are minimum qualifications that must be met by the candidate.A candidate must have a highschool diploma or GED. An associate’s degree in Fire Science/Technology is highly desirable. Candidates must possession of valid California or National Registry EMT at time of application, and for duration of employment. Along with an EMT license, candidates must also possession of valid Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers certificate at the time of application, and for duration of employment. A candidate must have a valid California Class C Driver’s License, and his/her driving record must be in good standing at the time of appointment and during the course of employment. Candidates must prove their physical fitness and abilities by obtaining a valid CPAT certificate. It must be dated within six months of application deadline.These are the minimum requirements, but a candidate is able to distinguish themselves if they also have one of the following: their Firefighter I and/or Firefighter II certifications, County of San Diego EMT certification, and/or advanced cardiac life support card Fire Recruit.

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