Celebrating Diwali Festival in an Eco-friendly Way

Published: 2021-06-17 08:27:29
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This Diwali festival of lights warns the victory of good over wrong. Diwali festival a great time to get together as a family, conferences, festivals and warm relations. Diwali festival of lights. In this, we are continuing to focus on the wonderful beliefs to make the most common and environmental party that we have found.
The festival of the Diwali festival does not have to be all about consuming a lot of cash on fireworks and fancy gifts, but you can also use innovative and domestic ways to furnish the home, it can be completely environmentally warm and can also be entertaining.Here are some fun-filled enterprises to celebrate the Diwali festival and make it a great and important festival for your kids. The best part of certain exercises is that they are all environmentally warm and secure. Also, your kids will too have joy with the fantasy of supporting out. Diwali festival includes sweets like Kaju Barfi, coconut side, Mysore Pak, dry gulab jamun, rasgulla, ras malai, and Rava ladoo.
Celebrate the Diwali festival with diyas instead of candles and electric lights. The best thing about Diwali festival is to light diyas. These maxims smoke mustard oil that works as a common mosquito repellent, unlike paraffin lights that usually create more pollution in the atmosphere, release toxins, which ultimately harm the air quality in your home.
Avoid utilizing electric lights to light and beautify your house, it will not only decrease electricity loss but also improve the aura of days. Do not skip to add your small one, it is the numerous pleasant activity for them. keep them busy executing them trim and paint the diyas.
Make rangoli for Diwali images with natural color, rice flour, and gorgeous flowers. In the past, natural rangoli for Diwali was a way of encouraging birds, ants, and bugs. You can make rangoli with rice powder or dehydrated rice pasta. To make interesting rangolis for Diwali, you can create natural colors with turmeric (for yellow), red chili powder (for red, brown), cardamom (for green). In bonus, you can also use rose leaves, marigold, jasmine, and lilies to enhance the rangoli for Diwali, kids like to make rangoli for Diwali and although it is an exercise that may need some accuracy and art, you can forever ask them to separate the leaves, select colors, mix, etc.
Make your home decoration using art and crafts. You can apply interesting sarees, stoles, and dupattas to enhance your apartment, rather of purchasing. Sarees with golden brocades can be reused as curtains.
You can also use children’s craft stuff such as colored papers, rice papers, tissue paper to create and enhance paper lights, instead of buying new vases, finishing the old ones, you can decorate paper cuttings of various frames and fix them from the rooftops
Give handmade gifts and wrap them in paper instead of wrapping them with shiny plastic. Spread the joy of this Diwali festival by selecting gifts that are handmade such as cloth bags, cotton dresses, and hand-woven sarees… you can also give handmade, personalized plants, soaps, lotions, and wax candles that are fashionable in these days. You can also make handmade wrapping paper instead of wrapping it in shiny plastic wrapping paper – which is only going to be thrown in the landfil! I hope these DIY tips for a natural Diwali can be useful for you, in whatever way you choose to celebrate the Diwali, I hope you have a great festival! wink

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