Black Friday Deals Are not Worth It

Published: 2021-06-17 08:17:27
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It’s that time of the year again. It’s the holiday season. When that time of year comes around, stores are jammed packed with people shopping for themselves or for their loved ones. Every person feels as if they’re running out of time to buy gifts because of the sudden rush that comes with the holiday season. It all comes down to every minute that leads to Christmas Day. But, the special day that is crucial to the process of gift-giving is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving where thousands of people are getting prepared to be in large crowds of chaos fighting for the best deals that start at 12 AM. While the day that is considered the biggest shopping day is Black Friday, it’s not worth it.
Smart Advertising Strategy
Whether online or in-store, stores generally start deals at the beginning of November and proceed to inform customers what sales are going to be coming up during the next few weeks leading up to Black Friday. By doing this smart advertising strategy, it keeps consumers hooked on for the rest of the month and into the remaining holiday season. Most of the time, this will get the customer to start shopping sooner rather than later because of how great the stores make the deals look. It makes the shopper feel as if they’re saving money, but in reality, they’re overspending because they’re going to end up shopping earlier and on the day of as well. Although, when stores advertise this early in November, it seems that by the time Black Friday comes around, the excitement and appeal of Black Friday can decrease since customers have seen it being shown in every store for the whole month already. It’s not worth is because consumers overspend without realizing they did with sales from earlier on in the month and by the time that they have realized the damage caused, it’d be too late because the consumer just wasted more money on the actual Black Friday.Recycling of the Same Deals
Since November is pretty much a holiday season, everyone feels rushed to buy something with the holidays around the corner. With the rush to get someone a gift and Black Friday being right after Thanksgiving, it gives people an excuse to go shopping and justification to have the endurance to stand in excruciatingly long lines in order to get “good” deals. But guess what? They’re being scammed. Stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and websites like Amazon to use the same deals that they’ve used for every other Black Friday again to trick customers into thinking they are getting a better deal than the previous year. As a result, there’s really no change in deals for most sales, but a recycling of the same deals at different times.
Time Management
Even though there are sales that may scam consumers, there are a few good sales that can actually benefit the customer. The best time to go Black Friday shopping would be when the sales start at midnight. Also, most online or in-store doorbusters end at 3 p.m on Black Friday. It is recommended the best times to shop are between 12 a.m to 3 p.m. When participating in Black Friday, consumers would need to shop within this timeframe to get the most “bang out of your buck” or to get whatever it is that they had their eyes on. If shoppers go later on, then they don’t get the benefits of all the good stuff that was on sale whether they thought the deal was good or not. Time management plays a big part in going Black Friday shopping. If consumers don’t prioritize then it’s not worth the time and effort.
Knowing What You Need
Not everything is worth buying. Sometimes both websites and stores have much better sales later on than the ones offered during Black Friday. An example of an event offering great sales after Black Friday would be Cyber Monday. Usually, Cyber Monday deals are much greater than Black Friday deals. Additionally, some key facts to know is that even though shoppers will see all these Black Friday sales for TVs claiming to be lowered down nearly half its original price, it portrays as if it was the most amazing sale of the year. However, the reality is that the better deals for TVs are before the Super Bowl or during the New Year. Some other facts that stores don’t tell consumers is that Christmas toys are less expensive 9 days before Christmas and winter clothes will be cheaper later during winter or when the weather gets warmer. To make sure consumers are getting the best price, they should do their research prior to shopping. The key factor to having a successful Black Friday with no phony deals would be to come up with a game plan and to be well aware of good versus bad deals. Make a check-list or wish list and then use a price checking tool like the website “Honey” to compare the prices. The smarter choice would be to know when and where to shop.
Aggressive Atmosphere
Because Black Friday projects such a heavy trafficked environment due to so many people participating in this event, most consumers go into hunting-mode ready to pounce on all deals they set their eyes on or anyone that gets in the way. Every year, there are many accidents and deaths reported because of the violent atmosphere. Although violence is never the answer, people are so amped up from their adrenaline and stress, to get the best of the best. For the most part, they aren’t aware of how they are treating other people around them. Many people get injured or killed because it’s dangerous. Long lines and overcrowded stores can lead to frustration and aggravation that have led people to be tripped, stabbed and even trampled to death. The best bet is to stay home and save themselves from the risk of getting hurt.
Overall, people always think they’re getting a better deal because it’s “Black Friday,” but that’s not the case. Although there are hundreds of online and in-store deals and discounts, consumers are better off saving their money than to be scammed and saving themselves from getting hurt on Black Friday. They are now more aware of the deals that may be repeated or when the sales are not great enough. Every year it’s looking better to stay home and try online shopping.

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