Biography of an Aspiring Woman, Angelina Jolie

Published: 2021-06-17 08:25:33
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As many may know, Angelina Jolie is a wonderful and gracious woman; however, she has had her ups and downs in life. Angelina Jolie is widely known as an amazing actress, filmmaker, humanitarian, and many other occupations. The life of Angelina Jolie may interest on to join a field related to her by the looks of her early life, accomplishments, and possible reasons why she is successful.
To begin, Angelina Jolie grew up with a childhood that some would is was very difficult. First of all, in Los Angeles, California, she was born on June fourth in 1975. Her parents are actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, brother is actor James Haven, and uncle is singer/songwriter Chip Taylor. Equally important, Jolie’s acting career started when she was at a very young age. She attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute as a young teen, and she then applied to New York University. Additionally, the beautiful actor did have much difficulty emotionally connecting with people, and she often got bullied at school (“Angelina Jolie”). Because of this, she started harming herself, using drugs, struggled with insomnia, had an eating disorder and depression, and attempted to commit suicide twice. To sum up, Angelina Jolie did not have such an easy early life as many may think.In addition to Angelina Jolie’s early life and childhood, she has earned a multitude of accomplishments. First, Jolie is known as an amazing actress, filmmaker, humanitarian, and she is known as Hollywood’s highest paid actress. She has been given an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards (Admin). Correspondingly, the biggest commercial success for Angelina Jolie came with Maleficent in 2014. This broadened her career to being a director, screenwriter, and producer. Likewise, Jolie is quoted as one of the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry. Humanitarian awards like the Jean Humanitarian Award have been given to her. In brief, Angelina Jolie is known widely for her many achievements in her career.
As well as having a difficult childhood and receiving many awards, there exists many reasons why Angelina Jolie is where she is today. First, Jolie’s first adopted daughter is credited for helping Jolie out of depression and her self harm. She knew when she first saw her, in order to be the best mother, she would have to never be self destructive again. Second, since her parents were both actors, many may say this factor helped play a role in starting her career. She also had a former spouse who was an actor, which is Brad Pitt.
There exists other celebrities that have had relationships with Angelina Jolie. Third, her humanitarian concerns started after filming “Lara Croft” in Cambodia. (”Angelina Jolie Biography”). This caused her to want all children to have better futures unlike hers. Angelina Jolie is a strong, independent woman who built a sturdy career foundation and her success is credited to many reasons.
In conclusion, Angelina Jolie many reasons including her childhood, what she’s known for, and factors that make her push herself that cause her to be one of the most positively influential women in the nation. She has six kids that push her to be the best for them and others. She wants to set a wonderful example for people around the world, and she wants to be a positive role model for young adults, especially women. Everyone should reflect on how Angelina Jolie turned her life around in a very important way.

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